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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Promote better health with 3M Air Cleaning Filter Sheets

In these difficult times, it is important that the air we breathe is clean and healthy especially now that everyone is working from home  and our kids with their remote learning.

For most of us, living in these extraordinary times has made optimum health the primary objective in our lives once more. With our priorities coming into much clearer focus, we are fast regaining appreciation for things that we used to take for granted. 


This is especially significant now that people are spending more time than ever in their domiciles—from adults working from home to children coping with online learning. We’d like to safeguard our families’ health 24/7 but unfortunately, allergens and pollutants like smoke, pet dander, and fumes from household chemicals can accumulate in our homes. Some of these are trapped in our air conditioners and spread around each time the units are switched on. More often, these are the common causes of allergies and other respiratory illnesses.

So how do we ensure that air quality in our abodes remains clean and untainted? For those looking to preserve good air quality at home, the best solution is 3M Air Cleaning Filter Sheets. This innovative product from 3M captures 93% of PM2.5 particles* and outperforms ordinary AC screens by at least 60 times**. 


“As we rediscover the joy of spending more time at home, it’s incredibly important to make sure that the air we breathe is clean and healthy,” says Lai Mei Yip, Command™ & HEM Portfolio Manager of 3M. “This is why we’re proud to offer 3M Air Cleaning Filter Sheets as an absolute must-have for all families.” 


Yip adds, “The better the quality of air, the better we feel to face each day’s challenges.” 


The 3M Air Cleaning Filter Sheets work effectively by first pulling in the allergens and small particles, traps it, then finally delivers cleaner air. It addresses the common household dust, pollen, dust mite debris, mold pores and pet dander. 


Each pack contains 4 sheets of 8’’ x 13’’ and 2 filter-change Koala indicators that also turns black to help you notify when it’s time to change the AC Filters. 


To install the 3M Air Cleaning Filter Sheets, remove and clean the plastic mesh screen that comes with your aircon units. Cut the filter sheets following the shape and size of the built-in plastic mesh screen. Place the 3M Air Cleaning Filter Sheets vertically onto the center of the plastic mesh screens. Allow gaps on each side. Use the double-faced adhesive tape to attach the filters to the mesh screens. Install the plastic mesh screens with 3M Air Cleaning Filter Sheets back into the air conditioner. Replace filter once every 1-3 months. 


You can buy the 3M Air Cleaning Filter Sheets at select supermarkets nationwide. 

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