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Friday, January 8, 2021

Pampers has finally made walang palit overnight possible with the new Pampers Overnight Pants

In an ideal world, parents would blissfully prepare baby’s bedtime routine as they happily put baby to sleep. Off to dreamland they go where baby settles down all comfy and protected and both getting their share of a full night of uninterrupted sleep. 

But the reality is – dreamland may just be a dream. Every parent goes through the challenges of overnight diaper changes. It’s not fully having that peace of mind to rest knowing that in the middle of the night, you need to carefully change diapers in the dark, so baby won’t wake up and get babad in a pool of wetness.

If you feel like the search for the best diaper brand for overnight use might seem like an endless quest, Power Parents have just revealed the hack that makes baby’s sleeping time such an ease, it’s a dream coming true.

New Power Parent Hack: “Finally, No Changes Overnight”

Pampers, with its promise of long-lasting protection from babad, has finally made walang palit overnight possible with the new Pampers Overnight Pants. Now you can go beyond just imagining what it is like to have a full night of uninterrupted sleep with only one Pampers diaper that can last for the entire night. That's zero changes all night long - truly #NoPalitSleepSulit is possible.

This new power parent hack has been receiving raving reviews online with parents confessing how they have finally achieved no changes overnight.

These moms have finally experienced what it’s like to sleep without worries.

While for power parents who have yet to try the new Pampers Overnight Pants, you might have a few questions about overnight babad that can lead to diaper rash, but no need to worry because Pampers have long mastered this solution. 

Pampers long-lasting protection has once again upped its game with its improved absorption capacity for overnight wear, thanks to its anti-babad and leak-lock features. This helps with no babad, no bulk, and no leaks. 

Surprised yet? Wait ‘til you hear more. The Pampers Overnight Pants comes in thin diapers that are specially designed for utmost care and comfort for baby’s skin. Every Power Parent has been wowed by how a thin diaper can have that powerful overnight absorption capacity – and it’s all because of Pampers superior quality. Plus, it comes in Pants flexi-fit that’s comfortable even for larger babies.

If you’re still on the hunt for that best diaper brand that puts baby into dreamland every night, go for the diaper brand who cares most about your baby’s full-night sleep. 

Pampers Overnight Pants Supports Your Baby’s Full-Night Sleep

Pampers puts high value on every baby’s development. Because sleep is an important building block for your baby’s mental and physical development, Overnight Pants is here to help power parents boost the development of baby especially during infancy phase.

Research has shown that sleep affects baby’s mood and behavior and can have direct effect on happiness. This is why babies who don’t get adequate sleep become either too cranky or hyperactive.

Babies who are also well-rested from a full night’s sleep have the ability to learn and develop cognitive behavior better. This means their alertness, attention, and memory are sharper. 

Just like how other power parents have been experiencing the breeze and ease of having #NoPalitSleepSulit possible, it’s about time that this becomes part of your nighttime story too. 

Pampers Overnight No Palit Sleep Sulit Challenge

Power parents! Not only does Pampers provide your baby the appropriate sleep that they need, but you can also get a chance to win a 3

2-GB Apple iPad, Pampers products, or Pampers Lazada store vouchers!

Here’s how to win great prizes from Pampers:

1.     Use the Pampers Overnight AR filter in @PampersPh Instagram page to take a video of baby while they’re sleeping with Pampers Overnight Pants on.

2.     Through your caption, share how Pampers Overnight Pants helps your baby sleep sulit with no palit at night. Don’t forget to post it publicly on your Facebook account and use hashtag #NoPalitSleepSulit.

3.     Take a screenshot of your caption and post on Facebook.

4.     Confirm your entry by uploading the post screenshot and providing necessary details through this form:

Confirmed entries from December 18 to January 14 are considered valid.

Winners will be determined via criteria of 60% entry caption, 30% photo quality (creativity, layout, uniqueness), 10% compliance to rules (must feature the Instagram AR Filter, feature Pampers diaper, baby happily sleeping). 

The grand prize winner gets to take home an Apple iPad, 9 lucky entries can win 1 months’ supply of Pampers Overnight Pants, and 10 consolation winners will be given away with P1000 Pampers Lazada voucher. Lucky videos may also be featured by Pampers in our Facebook and Youtube page.

Send in your entries and get a chance to win amazing items from Pampers! Visit here for more info on contest mechanics. 

Try the newest Pampers Overnight Pants to give your baby an uninterrupted sleep they deserve. Exciting and exclusive deals are up for grabs on Pampers Lazada page, visit


Promo period from January 4, 2021 – January 22, 2021.




  1. Wala talagang impossible sa Pampers overnight pants, sulit at less palit talaga 😊

  2. Eto ung diaper na sulit at nkakatipid comfortable pa si baby, the best ang pampers nakakagalaw nang maayos si baby no need na pati magpapalit palit, iwas istorbo na dn sa pag sleep nya 😊

  3. The best po talaga Ang Pampers for babies para comfortable ang baby sa pagtulog at less palit na din. kaya trusted brand na po ito ng mommies ❤️

  4. The best po talaga Ang Pampers for babies para comfortable ang baby sa pagtulog at less palit na din. kaya trusted brand na po ito ng mommies ❤️

  5. The best po talaga Ang Pampers for babies para comfortable ang baby sa pagtulog at less palit na din. kaya trusted brand na po ito ng mommies ❤️


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