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Friday, January 8, 2021

Teleperformance helps disrupted enterprises navigate new digital landscape

“As the pandemic forces more people into a digital-only way of life, businesses must meet customers where they are today,” Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) points out in a recently published white paper entitled Redefining the Customer Experience for a Post-COVID-19 World.


This is being proven everyday as both domestic and global companies have quickly began seeing the impact of the market changes on their bottom lines and just as quickly began recognizing that having a good digital transformation plan is essential for their sustainability. Clearly, organizations need an innovation engine to move them through a business transformation roadmap that are unique to their goals and objectives.

“Companies are operating in a dynamic environment where they have to be agile and responsive to client requirements, so they need solutions driven by Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence teams to deliver change and results that would delight their customers,” said Mike Lytle, Teleperformance Philippines Chief Operations Officer, as he expounded on the company’s digital transformation framework and innovation methodology during their recent annual Leadership Summit.


The Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence or TAP is Teleperformance’s business transformation framework – a methodology established to quickly identify transformation opportunities to adapt to the new environment. TAP does this through a systematic process of remote assessment agility with constant tracking, organization, and communication between the different stakeholders -- from the initial collection of project data and KPIs, to complete and collaborative presentations.


“Customer expectations are changing rapidly as companies adapt to the new normal. Businesses need an agile business partner that can help orchestrate contacts across traditional and digital channels,” Lytle noted. “With TAP, we aim to design digital-first, low effort experiences that prioritize the convenience of the customer, at the same time making it easy for our clients’ customers to reach a live agent for complex interactions.” 


Putting customers in the center of the solution is key, added Lytle. “We first map and analyze all contact reasons and touchpoints. We look beyond the interaction and understand the customer’s journey. Together with our clients and leveraging our team of experts, we jointly determine what transactions and touchpoints are best orchestrated, enriched, simplified or automated.”


Moving clients from traditional delivery to smart operations, Teleperformance Philippines offerings for business-led and market-driven Digital Transformation solutions potentially improves business outcomes, with as much as 65.3% in savings. 


TAP initiatives, for instance, have resulted in 13.4% voice traffic deflected to digital and self-service options through Digital Experience Optimization for a pay TV client. A TAP project also resulted in processing time reduction from 90 Hours to just 15 minutes through Robotics Process Automation for a US commercial airline company. Another case is a project that brought about a 17% improvement on Resolution Rate through Process Improvement for a Fintech start up in the Philippines.


According to Lytle, “the Philippines as a delivery location has grown significantly in terms of its ability to provide value to clients. Beyond talent availability, ready capacity and labor arbitrage. Teleperformance’s investments on talent, tools and technology enabled our operations teams to deliver Technology, Analytics and Process Excellence solutions that generate tangible outcomes for our clients business.”


To learn more about Teleperformance Philippines, you may visit their website at or their Facebook page at


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