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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Heart Evangelista and successful business leaders share investment and financial tips at Manulife Investment Management’s webinar Inbox

As more Filipinos start or grow their businesses during the pandemic, Manulife Investment Management Philippines recently held its “From Passion to Action: Unlocking business ideas and fueling growth potential to achieve financial goals” webinar featuring actress, artist, and entrepreneur Heart Evangelista, Potato Corner co-founder and CEO Jose Magsaysay Jr., and Zalora Philippines co-founder and CEO Paulo Campos III. 


Hosted by award-winning broadcast journalist Karen Davila, the webinar aimed to discuss critical business and investment insights to help Filipinos start their business ventures, accelerate business growth, and adapt to today’s ever-changing business landscape. 

“Amid the pandemic-induced economic challenges, we recognize that many Filipinos are exploring more ways to grow their money, whether through business, side hustles, or investments. Through this webinar, we want to share more practical ways for Filipinos to turn their passion projects into potential business opportunities and reach their financial goals”, said Aira Gaspar, President and Chief Executive Officer of Manulife IM Philippines. 


“Learning from our guest speakers’ inspiring stories, they made bold yet calculated risks to make their dreams a reality. We hope to impart the value of taking the first step, no matter where you start, and making the right financial decisions in achieving financial aspirations,” Gaspar added. 


How to start, when to grow 


In Manulife’s latest study, “Know Your Ys and Zs: A closer look at the financial and mental well-being of Filipino Millennials and Gen Zs in the time of COVID-19,” some of the surveyed respondents’ top worries include running out of money and drowning in debt. These concerns have fueled their top priorities, which include establishing their own business. A number of the millennials covered in the study have entrepreneurial ambitions that impact the way they approach wealth planning, contributing to their increased focus on investing. 


Her drive to be smarter with her finances guides Evangelista’s recent business and investment decisions. “When I first started my career, I was focused on spending my earnings. However, I didn’t want to become a slave to my work to maintain my lifestyle, so I started spending wisely and investing. I listened to experts on how to manage my finances better and where to put my hard-earned money so it can grow and earn. I am lucky to be supported by loved ones and Manulife in my investment journey, and I encourage others to seek advice and guidance from those who are knowledgeable about finance, especially if it’s their first time to invest.”


For those who want to know the secret behind the success of Potato Corner here and abroad, Magsaysay shared, “We have been taking care of our franchisees, as they are the people looking after our customers. We innovate and expand in response to evolving customer needs. Currently, we are on our way from simply being known as the ‘House of Flavored Fries’ into becoming the ‘House of Flavors.’ In business, it is always important to be customer-driven.”


Lastly, Campos talked about how customer-centricity in e-commerce empowered him to succeed in a highly competitive market. “What differentiates Zalora from competitors are our assortment of high-quality and authentic products, as well as our superior customer experience,” Campos shared, adding how harnessing today’s technologies can help aspiring entrepreneurs. “See what you can start on the side while doing your day job. Take it one step at a time. Study how you can use the power of the internet and e-commerce. Now, starting a business can not only benefit you, but can also enable you to help the country recover.”


The webinar also featured Manulife Investment Management’s Head of Fixed Income Jean de Castro, one of The Asset’s 2021 most astute investment managers in the Philippines, and top wealth specialist Cherrie Briñas. They provided insights on the types of investments that Filipinos may consider in growing their money or securing capital to fund their passions. 


“From Passion to Action” is streaming on Manulife’s Facebook page for those who missed the webinar. 


To know more about Manulife Investment Management’s products and services, visit  



  1. Wow tlgang very helpful itong finacial tips and mnaulife investment ,
    “Learning from guest speakers’ inspiring stories, they made bold yet calculated risks to make their dreams a reality.

  2. A great ideas in investing to grow a business. Kudos to Mqnulife investment for this very helpful information.


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