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Friday, November 5, 2021

Ken Chan is the newest celebrity ambassador of global brand Eye Mo’s newest formula Eye Mo Daily Care


Eye care is extremely important because we are highly reliant on sight to function. Our eyes are exposed to dust, pollution, and other irritants constantly, which causes itchiness. This is why taking care of our eyes should also come as a priority, much like how we wash our hair and bodies.

Eye Mo celebrity endorser Ken Chan admits to advocating daily eye care as part of his self-care strategies.

Actor Ken Chan knows better than to let this pandemic slow him down. After wrapping up the top-rated drama, “Ang Dalawang Ikaw”, the busy Kapuso star is now venturing into the reality show territory, co-hosting the singing competition “The Clash”. 

In the middle of all the lock-in tapings and incessant swab testing, how does Ken keep his physical and mental health in check?

“Regular workouts and a religious self-care routine,” he responds. 

"As actors, we convey our emotions through our eyes, so I make sure that my eyes are always in tip-top shape," says Ken. "Daily care is important to me not just for good hygiene, but also for good eye health and better eye protection in this pandemic. I always make sure that I pamper my eyes, and give them the care they deserve."

Eye Mo, a trusted global brand of eye drops and the country’s leading eye care solution, recently launched Eye Mo Daily Care, that cleans eyes from irritants such as smoke, pollution, dirt, and unseen particles. At the same time, it relieves itchiness. This new variant completes the brand’s tri-care formula alongside market leaders Eye Mo Red for red eyes irritation, and Eye Mo Moist for dry eyes. 

Ken has been a long-time Eye Mo user, keeping all three variants at a ready on shoots, lock-in tapings, and even on ordinary activities such as running or doing the groceries. His new favorite is Eye Mo Daily Care, which he uses everyday: at home as he rests his eyes from using contact lenses, or during tapings to free his eyes from irritants. He also admits to keeping Eye Mo Red and Eye Mo Moist in his bag at all times.

Ken encourages daily eye care. "Even something as ordinary as going to the bank, commuting, or meeting new people could lead to possible contamination. Touching our face or eyes is almost second nature to us. It's always best to have an eye drop handy for good measure."

Using Eye Mo Daily Care is part of his new normal, says Ken. It is one of the good health habits he has picked up from this pandemic, after facing the threat of exposure to different people on set. For Ken, eye drops are a must-have. And eye rubbing? An absolute no-no. 

"Using eye drops is now part of my daily routine, just like washing my face or working out. I use it to prevent eye irritation. I like to pamper my eyes so I treat them well." 

Ken says he is proud to be handpicked by Eye Mo, a trusted brand for generations. "Through my voice and influence, I want to be able to share ways in which we can take care of our eyes. I used to rub my eyes a lot, giving me red or sore eyes. With Eye Mo Daily Care, that's no longer a problem."

Eye Mo's parent company Combiphar is pleased to welcome Ken onboard. "We are happy to have Ken as part of the Eye Mo family. His advocacy on eye care and eye health is aligned with our values as a global company. With his influence, he can share our purpose to a bigger audience," says Mr. Weitarsa Hendarto, Sr. Vice President for Marketing & International Operations of Combiphar.

“As we transition to the new normal, it is important for us to form new habits that will help us navigate life post-pandemic. We are pleased to announce the relaunch of Eye Mo Daily Care for the Philippines consumers” he said.

“As a market leader, Eye Mo takes pride in educating consumers to take care to their eyes. Now, Eye Mo complete its variant with the new Eye Mo Daily Care to help consumer clean their eyes every day. Especially during the Pandemic, the hygiene of our eyes is very important. With the relaunch of Eye Mo Daily Care, we launch campaign ‘Eye Mo Daily Care, Cleans Your Eyes, Relieve Itchiness’, to educate consumer the importance of taking care your eyes everyday”, he added.

Even in the midst of a worldwide health crisis, brands like Eye Mo provide us with ease and comfort to navigate the new normal. Keep your loved ones safe with Eye Mo Daily Care, now available at leading drugstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide.

Visit for more information about Eye Mo. Click the link  to go to Eye Mo’s Youtube channel and view the latest TVC.  


  1. This is a good choice for endorsing a wonderful brand " Eye Mo Daily Care,Cleans your Eyes,Relieve Itchiness"

  2. Wow great ambassador ken chan , and perfect product to us . Eye mo daily care is important to us 😍❤️

  3. Wow super great ambassador ken chan we are so happy it's a good news for me I'm a fan we support you God bless

  4. Ken Chan really deserved to be the newest ambassador of "Eye Mo"


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