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Friday, November 5, 2021

Mekeni recommends these tocino pairings that are definitely #TimplangAtin!

Filipinos surely love tocino. It is one of the most well-loved breakfast staples and is usually served with steaming garlicky sinangag. And there is no denying that even if there are lots of food on the table, these tender pork tocino slices really look inviting next to other Filipino dishes.


When it comes to this breakfast staple, Mekeni has the right blend of quality and flavorful tocino variants that satiate sweet or salty craving. If you want your tocino on the sweet side, Mekeni Classic Sweet Pork Tocino is for you; but if you are looking for a balance of sweet and saltiness   blend, Mekeni Tamis-Alat Pork Tocino—is the one you should have. 


If you are looking for something to expand your palate for tocino, Mekeni recommends these tocino pairings that are definitely #TimplangAtin!  

Tocino + Salted Egg + Chopped Tomato 

Traditionally joined by tuyo, this combo—salted duck egg and tomato—can also be paired with your favorite tocino. The cured pork slices’ sweet flavor will go well with the saltiness of the duck egg and the tanginess of chopped plum tomato. Surely, you will ask for another plateful of steaming hot rice when you have this served on the table!


Tocino + Ensaladang Talong

If you are looking for something to upgrade your tocino, try pairing it with ensaladang talong! It has the right balance of roasted smokey flavor—not too sour, salty, or sweet—which will not overpower the sweet pork slices. Make sure to toss in the right amount of onions, tomatoes, and a light dressing of vinegar, salt, and sugar to make a scrumptious side dish for your tocino.


Tocino + Tinapa Rice

Not only tocino is perfect with garlic rice, but it is also equally good with tinapa fried rice. This fried rice version makes use of smoked fish flakes, and you can balance its salty taste by pairing it with the traditionally sweet tocino. 


Tocino + Atsara

Another dish that will level up your tocino game is atsara! This pickled-to-perfection, sweet and sour appetizer is a sublime side dish for fried food such as tocino. It enhances the sweet and salty flavor of tocino with its refreshing and delectable taste. Plus, it has vibrant colors, too, you will want to put it on just about everything!

Tocino + Grilled Tomato

The caramelized, smoky, and amazingly sweet grilled fresh tomato is an impeccable pairing with Mekeni’s Tamis-Alat Pork Tocino blend. With a dash of olive oil, fresh herbs, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar to dress your grilled tomatoes, this unique pairing will surely be a hit to any family gathering. Try it once, and this combination will quickly become part of your go-to meals.


Truly, tocino is a culinary wonder. It is not just a tasty treat, but a flexible dish as well. Whether you will be using it as a substitute ingredient or as part of a creative side dish you are concocting, Mekeni’s tocino variants will surely delight every discerning palate at home.


Find Mekeni Classic Sweet and Tamis-Alat Pork Tocino in leading supermarkets, wet markets, online stores, and Mekeni’s Home2Home delivery service. Stay on top of more delicious Mekeni updates by dropping by Mekeni’s official Facebook page.





  1. Wow i love mekenin products , tlgang masasarap and very affordable price pa 😍❤️

  2. A huge difference when it comes to delicious taste of Mekeni product.
    Highly recommended for it's very delicious and contains amazing ingredients that catches our Timplang sariling atin.


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