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Monday, February 7, 2022

Tips to help you kickstart your mornings with ease

For a lot of people, it can be challenging to start the day, especially if you have a lot on your plate. Having an early head start and energizing morning is essential in accomplishing your daily to dos and responsibilities.


Here are five activities to help you kickstart your mornings with ease:

Create a journal entry

Apart from physically waking yourself up, keeping your mind sharp at the start of everyday can help you look forward to what the day may bring. Allot at least 15 minutes in the morning to sit down and do a decorative gratitude page on your journal. For the ones expecting a busy day ahead, you can map out your daily plans and to-dos to organize the things you need to accomplish. 


Walk your pets

Most dedicated pet parents spend a part of their mornings checking on their furry friends that they tend to get some exercise in. Stretch your legs by going for a 10-minute walk or go for a quick jog around the village. You can soak up the sun for some vitamin D and indulge in a simple exercise for both you and your pet.


Develop a home work-out routine

Working out can be daunting for beginners. But the good thing is, even at home you can find an activity that will improve your body’s stamina and make you physically alert throughout the day. You can do quick 10-minute workouts like push-ups and sit-ups, follow a yoga routine on YouTube, or get into HIIT workouts. Just make sure to get enough sleep prior to working out to avoid getting over-fatigued before work starts.


Enroll in a dance class

Love music and dancing alone? Then it’s time to try something new: dance classes. Not only are they fun to learn, but they can also be a great form of workout. You can start by joining online Zumba classes or even learn the basics of street dancing from their rooms. This activity can wake up anyone’s senses in the mornings or anytime of the day.


Sleep and get up early

Sleeping early and getting ample hours of sleep may help give you the energy and mood boost you need. This also means that you can wake up early the next morning and can get more things done. For more energizing mornings, try cooking a proper breakfast meal and pair it with a great cup of Great Taste Duo coffee. Its balance of dark roast coffee and right sweetness of brown sugar is the tamang timpla you’ll enjoy.  


Great Taste Duo is the first two-in-one coffee mix that is sure to help keep you energized every morning. Affordably priced at only Php 4.00 per sachet, it’s an ideal drink to give you the daily boost of energy to kickstart your day!


Great Taste Duo is available in leading supermarkets and sari-sari stores nationwide. For more information, visit



  1. Great tips!! Love Great Taste Coffee too!! Just the right taste!! 👌🏻👌🏻

  2. Thank you for sharing tips . Tlga nman perfect ito sa ating morning routine everyday ❤️😍

  3. Loved all this tips.
    Great taste Duo is such perfect for keeping us energized every morning.

  4. Talagang very recommended ang great taste and thanks for the tips very helpful 🥰


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