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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Watch out for the arrival of V23 series in the Philippines!

This 2022, vivo makes a splash in the new year with the much-awaited launch of the V23 series that’s bound to be next “it” phone for influencers, style leaders, and content creators—the selfie set—with its revolutionary photochromic design and outstanding performance. Head on to to know more about vivo’s latest series smartphone. 

The vivo V23 Series includes a photochromic technology that allows the smartphone to change in color when exposed to UV light. 

Taking selfie phones to the next level, the V23 features an impressive 50 MP Front Camera for amazing detail coupled with an 8 MP Dual Front Vlog Camera—go ahead, strike a pose, day or night! It’s custom JNV chip assures of images that are brighter and more beautiful while videos look more natural and crisp-clear.

Delighting design

Like you and your ever-changing hues, the V23 series is first in its class to feature a stunning color changing glass process that instantly changes color when exposed to UV light—shifting in intensity and shades; in mood and feel. A real game changer!

Capture your life’s best moments

Be it for vlogging, or selfies, the V23 series is there to provide users with a powerful device that brings out the artistic filmmaker and keen-eyed photographer in you.

For those who love taking selfies with the gang, its 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera allows for portrait shoots like never before, ensuring no one is left out in the frame. The V23 series’ custom JNV chip is also equipped with the highest-pixel sensor in the industry that allows its user to take poster-level selfies, where even the finest of details are captured distinctively.

Attuned to your lifestyle

In keeping with today’s active consumer lifestyles, the V23 series is designed to be the perfect partner on the go with its Dual 5G Standby and VoNR. Users can also enjoy freedom and power in their hands with its 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM with 4GB RAM Extended 2.0—allowing for more files, more videos, and more high-definition movies to be stored with no loss in performance. The Extended RAM also enables users to run multiple apps at once, at consistently fast speeds.

As Gen Z’s embrace more immersive and connected experiences that’s enabled through technology, their authentic selves easily shine through. With the style and power that the vivo V23 series provides, they can now share their life’s most exciting moments to the world!

For more updates about the V23 Series, visit vivo Philippines’ official websiteFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels.


  1. Wow tlga nman exciting ang bagong labas ng vivo . Ganda ng quality at spec ng vivo since day one ❤️

  2. Yehey! That's good t know po! And Dabest talaga ang vivo!

  3. Grabe!! High quality features!! Will def look for it!!

  4. Ganda talaga ng vivo good quality đź’Ż

  5. Another high quality Vivo V23 Series so exciting and surely satisfying


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