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Friday, July 1, 2022

Garmin brings to the Philippines the Edge 1040 Solar and the Rally XC200

Garmin brings to the Philippines the Edge 1040 Solar and the Rally XC200, two new cycling equipment to bring Filipino cyclists closer to their goals. 

Driven by its Never Stop Cycling campaign that champions consistency, perseverance and transformation among cyclists, Garmin has been expanding its portfolio of products to make advanced and reliable equipment accessible for both aspiring and professional cyclists. Its new solar GPS bike computer and pedal-based power meters pack innovative features that will push 

Packed with Garmin’s performance, navigational, safety and connectivity features, Edge 1040 Solar is the ultimate GPS bike computer that lets cyclists ride longer, explore farther and train harder

Ride longer, explore farther and train harder

Garmin’s latest and ultimate GPS bike computers, the Edge 1040 and the Edge 1040 Solar are packed with a powerful, long-lasting battery, multi-band GNSS technology and other innovative features to boost cycling performance, navigation and safety.


“Cyclists expect as much from their GPS bike computer as they do themselves, and that is why we are thrilled to introduce the Edge 1040 Solar,” said Mr. Scoppen Lin, Assistant General Manager, Garmin Asia. “Durable, accurate and ready to go the distance, the Edge 1040 Solar is the pinnacle of GPS bike computers. No matter where you ride, or what bike you choose to use, the Edge 1040 Solar is ready for any adventure – from remote gravel trails to epic climbs.” 

Cyclists can explore far and cover more ground without having to worry about running out of power: The Edge 1040 can provide 35 hours of battery life, with an additional 70 hours on battery saver mode. The Edge 1040 Solar GPS bike computer’s Power Glass™ solar charging lens extends battery life by as much as 100 hours on battery saver mode, giving cyclists additional 42 minutes per hour for their daytime rides. 


Featuring multi-band GNSS technology, both the Edge 1040 and Edge 1040 Solar let cyclists go beyond familiar paths. With more accurate GPS positioning and coverage, cyclists can explore and conquer the most challenging environments such as dense urban areas or locations with thick tree foliage. 

Advanced navigational tools such as ride-specific maps based on Trendline™ popularity routing and turn-by-turn navigation and alerts keep riders informed of popular roads and trails and warn of sharp curves, respectively. With the Trailforks app, cyclists can view routes and trail details from more than 80 countries.

Beyond battery power and navigation, the Edge 1040 series incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and connectivity features to serve as cyclists’ training partner.

To help cyclists take their training a notch higher and stay consistent with their training goals while also protecting them from getting injured, Garmin included a cycling ability and course demands in the Edge 1040 series. These enable cyclists to identify their strengths and weaknesses and prepare for the demands of a specific course. The power guide provides power targets to help users manage their efforts throughout a course. 

Cyclists can track exertion levels during rides in real-time using the real-time stamina insights and monitor how their body is holding up in different environments with the Heat and Altitude Acclimations feature. They will also receive notifications when it is time to take a break and hydrate. When aiming for the peak during a climbing course, the ClimbPro feature lets riders track the remaining ascent and grade. 

After a long, hard day of training, cyclists can review their performance using the Firstbeat Analytics,™ which provides insights on VO2 max, recovery time, training load, training focus and more. Cyclists will also receive daily workout suggestions based on the results of their VO2 max and training load. 

For safety while out for a ride, the Edge 1040 series features incident detection and assistance. With LiveTrack, family members can view a cyclist’s preplanned course and track their real-time location.  Group messaging and tracking features also let cyclists stay in touch when they get separated from the pack.

For added confidence while riding, the Edge 1040 Solar is compatible with the Varia™ line of cycling awareness devices. The Edge 1040 Solar also works with inReach® devices4 so cyclists can view and reply to messages, share trip data and trigger interactive SOS alerts with an active inReach subscription.5 In addition to receiving smart notifications and automatically uploading rides to Garmin Connect, the Edge 1040 Solar easily pairs with a Tacx®indoor trainer, so cyclists can ride whenever they want.

Garmin’s Rally XC200 delivers reliable power measurements and advanced cycling dynamics with compatibility 

with SHIMANO and SPD cleats for off-road riding

Putting the pedal to the metal
The Rally XC200, the newest addition to Garmin’s Rally™ power meter series in the Philippines, measure total power, cadence, advanced cycling dynamics 
including left/right balance, power phase and more. These sleek pedal-based power meters feature sensors that deliver reliable and accurate data for every ride and training session. 

“We know cyclists are out there training to improve their performance every day, and we have created a power meter that they can depend on to help them achieve their goals. The Rally XC200 pedal have undergone rigorous testing to ensure we are not only providing cyclists with a superior pedal design, but with a power meter that riders can rely on to take their training to the next level, Lin added.

The Rally XC200 is designed for off-road cyclists, introducing its compatibility with SHIMANO SPD cleats. Its dual-sensing pedal-based power meters let cyclists review right and left leg data metrics separately so they can better understand their strengths and weaknesses and improve their pedaling form. Cyclists can also track the time they have spent seated and standing to measure position effectiveness and identify where power is being applied on the pedals for proper cleat positions. 

The Rally XC200 features up to 120 hours of battery life, which can support trainings for weeks or even months at a time. They can be installed like any other pedal and can be swapped between bikes. Their uniquely designed spindle can be transferred between different Rally pedal bodies, allowing cyclists to ride year-round on and off the road. 

Riders can get the most from their training by pairing the Rally power meters with compatible Edge® cycling computers and the Garmin Connect™ app to seamlessly upload data and update software. The Rally power meters are also compatible with popular indoor training platforms, including the Tacx Training app, Zwift, TrainerRoad and more.1

Champions choose Garmin
More than 15 professional cycling teams and hundreds of professional runners, cyclists and triathletes have chosen -- and relied on -- Garmin and Tacx products to help them meet their training and racing goals. 

The Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl, a Belgian UCI WorldTeam cycling team, will be using the whole Garmin cycling ecosystem, including the Edge cycling computers, Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainers, Varia rearview radars and premium wearables, for their training. The team consists of 30 riders from 13 countries, including reigning world champion Julian Alaphilippe. 

Alongside the Quick Step-Alpa Vinyl, other professional cycling teams will also use the Garmin and Tacx ecosystems such as the INEOS Grenadiers, the Team Jumbo-Visma, Astana Qazaqstan Team and Canyon CLLCTV XCO

In the Philippines, pro cyclists Jermyn Prado and Marella Salamat use Garmin’s cycling products for their trainings and competitions. Garmin Philippines has also recognized them as its cycling ambassadors, sponsoring them with a number of equipment such as the Edge 1040 Solar, Rally RS200, Tacx NEO 2T smart trainer and Tacx Boost. 

“Filipinos are widely known for their passion and talents, including athletic abilities in cycling. Whether a rookie or a pro, cyclists need professional equipment to help them achieve progress and keep pushing the limit in their training. These new tools from Garmin are not only designed to make Filipino cyclists physically stronger but will help instill in their minds the importance of persistence and perseverance in the sport,” said Ms. Stella Tan, Marketing Manager, Garmin Philippines.

Step into world of Garmin cycling that offers all your possible cycling needs. Stay on top of your racing goals and never stop cycling like the pros with both Edge 1040 series and Rally XC200. The Edge 1040 Solar or the Edge 1040 Bundle, inclusive of Edge 1040 non-solar + speed/cadence sensor and HRM Dual, can be purchased for only Php40,865, and customers can get the Rally XC200 for only Php66,995. 

Visit the minisite and learn more about Garmin Cycling ecosystem and its latest additions to its lineup – Edge 1040 Solar and Rally XC.


Garmin’s products are available at Garmin stores nationwide and its Lazada and Shopee stores. You may also browse Garmin’s products though or send a message through Garmin Philippines’ Viber Community.  


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  2. Featuring multi-band GNSS technology, both the Edge 1040 and Edge 1040 Solar let cyclists go beyond familiar paths

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