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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Here are 5 KPop must-have collection on Carousell

Whether you’ve been on the KPop wave for years or just new to the fandom, KPop fans know the struggle of finding KPop items to add to their collection. And now that some of the biggest KPop acts and artists are set to visit the Philippines this year for live concerts like Red Velvet, Seventeen, and (G)I-DLE, KPop fans are doing a double-time preparing for the much-awaited moment to see their favorite oppas


If you’re on the lookout for KPop collection essentials, here are 5 items you can check out on Carousell, the leading online classifieds marketplace in the Philippines, to help you expand your K-pop collection before you go sing and dance with your K-idols. 


Official Red Velvet albums and Blackpink light sticks. 

Ask any K-pop fan out there and they’ll tell you that K-pop albums are probably one of the most important items in your collections. For Red Velvet stans out there, you’ll want to check out seller @dearzimzalabim-75814 on Carousell and get your hands on Red Velvet Day 1 Album, with all inclusions of Official Joy PC, CD, album booklet, and RVF, all intact in the box. If you’re lucky enough to attend your K-Idols concert, a light stick is indeed a must-have. You can head to the Carousell platform and check out light sticks from seller @asterkshopph and get Blackpink’s V2 light stick so you can geek out and dance out to your favorite girl group’s hits!


BTS Funko pops. For army’s who just can’t get enough of one of the biggest K-boyband today, seller @cjcali09 is selling BTS Dynamite Funko Pop Set featuring all 7 members of BTS. If you’re the type of army that loves to get rare-find collectibles, then the rare BTS Jungkook Funko pop idol version from seller @koooojeon should also be an addition to your KPop collection!


Transparent phone case with card slot for photo cards. For any KPop fans, their collection won’t be complete without a photocard that they can stick at the back of their phones to show their love for their idols. Try checking out some transparent phone cases with cardholders from seller @drey_formy and flaunt your KPop side anywhere you go!


Finger heart hoodies. When people hear the phrase “finger heart”, most likely, there’s one thing that comes to mind and that is KPop. With K-idols using the gesture as a go-to pose during photo ops, and even shown in different KDramas, it’s no wonder that “finger heart” has also been adapted by so many KPop fans around the world and became their symbol. If you’re one of the stans jumping into this trend, you’d want to check out some finger heart design hoodies from seller @eymhoredv. The seller is offering unisex hoodies in multiple colors as well so you can show off your aegyo side no matter what fandom you belong to!


KPop-inspired tote bag. For any fan who needs loads of space to carry all their other merch, seller @blankprintphoffers custom print tote bags where you get to choose to print your bag with a design inspired by your bias and oppas. The seller also offers discounts when you purchase more than 20 pieces of tote bags, with freebies and mini giveaways too! 


Need more items to add to your KPop collection? Check out Carousell’s vibrant KWave community that sells a wide range of Kpop merch, albums, accessories, and so much more! 


Now that you have everything you need, it’s time for the most important part – fangirl (or fanboy) your heart out with these amazing and cute KPop items on Carousell and have a K-Wave experience of a lifetime!




  1. Ohh woww thank you for sharing this 💗

  2. Yay love it . Ang gagnda nman po ng mga collection na ito 🥰❤️

  3. Thank you for sharing this,I also collecting my favorite album but I stop for now,I need to work hard to see them in the future!❤️ It will big help those wants to buy their favorite album🥰

  4. Yay! This is perfect to all kpop fans sure na madami Ang matutuwa dito. 🥰

  5. Yay loved this 😍😍 ang gaganda naman perfect nga lahat na favorite albums


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