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Monday, September 5, 2022

Carousell recognized 182 users in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore for their outstanding achievements

I have been on Carousell for almost 5 years now. Its been my sideline selling everything from makeups, shoes, cellphone to bags. So far, all of my items were sold. I have also bought some personal things from a respected seller. I have been happy doing my business in Carousell. Thank God that I have never encountered bogus buyers and sellers. Its been good doing business at Carousell.

Last week, Carousell recognized caroupreneurs (sellers/buyers) at Vikings NIU, Podium QC. 

Leading recommerce group in Greater Southeast Asia Carousell, is pleased to recognize 182 users in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore for their outstanding achievements throughout 2021 at the Second Caroupreneur Awards. The Awards celebrates a wide variety of outstanding achievements of Carousell users, ranging from entrepreneurs who started their businesses on Carousell and SMEs who digitalized their businesses to everyday casual users who sold and gave away unused items for free.


The Caroupreneur Awards, first launched in Singapore last year, recognizes a wide variety of outstanding achievements of Carousellers over the past challenging year, ranging from entrepreneurs who started or scaled their businesses online, to brick-and-mortar retailers who digitalized their businesses, and everyday casual sellers who want to declutter and supplement their income. 


The judging panel, made up of Marcus Tan, Co-founder of Carousell, Djon Nacario, General Manager of Carousell Philippines and Vishal Salunkhe, Vice President of Seller Success Operations, Carousell, assessed shortlisted sellers identified from their performance from 1 January to 31 December 2021 together with a mix of qualitative and quantitative criteria, such as quality of listings, reviews, creativity and brand story. 


“We are incredibly proud of what our Filipino users have accomplished on Carousell over the past year. With Carousell’s services and capabilities, our winners and finalists have found a way to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit with just snap, list and sell. 


Their success is proof that Carousell is more than just a transactional platform, but one where sellers and buyers can find shared possibilities to achieve their aspirations. Through the Caroupreneur Award, Carousell celebrates 10 years by showing our support to the next generation of entrepreneurs and recognizing the best of Carousell sellers,” said Djon Nacario, General Manager of Carousell Philippines. 


Supporting local entrepreneurship during the pandemic


For Katherine Mae A. Cipriano selling on Carousell is one of the best decisions she’s made as an entrepreneur. “Being on Carouse made selling so much easier and organized for me.  It has helped me grow my business and sustain my business  which is  selling gadgets and electronics, for many years now, even during the pandemic. Thank you, Carousell!”  said Katherine Mae A. Cipriano of @TekiCashGadgetsph who won the Caroupreneur Award of the Year for Best in Carousell: Electronics. 


Meanwhile, access to a bigger market on Carousell is one of reasons Noel Maralit of  @Turnintocash prefers selling on Carousell. Noel won Best in Carousell: Furniture and Home Living. “I started here when Carousell acquired OLX. My wife and I are into buying and selling of preowned - used or new home furniture and decor. Carousell gave us more buyers nationwide. For me, Carousell is one of the most reliable online marketplaces here in the Philippines.”


Nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs 


Launched earlier in August, #StartonCarousell is Carousell’s first-ever entrepreneurship program catered to Gen Z (18–24-year-olds) across the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to help aspiring entrepreneurs bring their business to life. Inspired by the real stories from Carousellers and their aspiration for financial freedom, this program aims to provide the tools they need to get started, such as training by the Carousell team to use our tools to amplify their business, and guidance by established mentors through a panel discussion and coffee chats with selected entrepreneurs. Interested applicants can sign up by 7 September here


For the full list of the Second Caroupreneur Award winners, please visit here.

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