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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Here’s how Carousell makes it more exciting, fun, and easier for you to find your perfect match

We all have our own hugot stories and unique experiences in finding ‘The One’. Sure, it can be a long and challenging process for many, but all these will be worth it when you finally experience the magical moment of finding your perfect match. The feeling is no different when you’re shopping online. It takes trust and strong commitment to get to the next big step of buying big-ticket items, particularly properties and cars available online. 

To help buyers -- and sellers -- find the perfect match online, Carousell Philippines, the leading online classifieds marketplace in the country, has launched its newest campaign, “Find the One for Every Want” to help Filipinos experience the joy and satisfaction of finding The One – the exact item that they’re looking for so they can confirm for themselves that truly, #MayKiligSaCarousell! 


“We’ve seen how consumers searching for items online are confronted with so many confusing choices. With this campaign, we want to help buyers navigate the online clutter so they can find exactly what they are searching for - even if it’s their dream home or their first car.  The new campaign aims to educate users on the features and tools that are available to them on Carousell so they can experience the joy in finding the listing that perfectly matches their needs,” said Djon Nacario, General Manager, Carousell Philippines. 


Here’s how Carousell makes it more exciting, fun, and easier for you to find your perfect match:


It showcases a variety of options to match your exact needs.  Carousell offers so much more than preloved clothes, mobile phones, bags and shoes. In fact, it has thousands of legitimate listings for property and cars that match every life stage. For instance, users with growing families who are looking for a bigger house or singles who are planning to move out of their parents’ house can surely find the right property that matches their needs on Carousell. Moreover, its easy-to-navigate interface helps users quickly find ‘The One’ property or car that they’re looking for! Searching for a second-hand car? Simply click on “Cars” then filter the results according to location, budget and model in one page. And if you have specifics in mind, you can further narrow down the options to include mileage, fuel type and even plate number for specific coding days!  “We’re very single-minded in our intention to help our users find the perfect listing that match their exact need,” adds Djon. 


It’s easy to navigate.  Finding ‘The One’ car or property that you’re looking for is fast and easy.  Once you’re in the Property or Cars section, you can filter the results without going through different pages. The site is packed with features that make buying and selling so user-friendly. The options are very straightforward and all you need to do is type in what you’re looking for, then tick the filter options to match what you’re looking for. Press Enter and choose from the results that are based on your specific preferences.  It’s so quick and easy!


It is a human-to-human marketplace.  Want to know if the property you want to buy or rent is facing the morning sun? Or if the car you’re eyeing is still sporting its original color? At Carousell, you can chat directly with the seller and they can give you information that agents usually wouldn’t know. This way, you can make informed decisions that will help lead you to the listing that matches your needs!  And if you’re extra lucky, you can even haggle and get good deals and discounted prices too!


With over 50,000 homes and properties starting at PHP1.2M listed on Carousell, finding The One property that you’re looking for should be a breeze. No need to spend long hours going to search results that are not relevant to what you need. Just a few clicks and swipes and you can quickly filter through all the property listings. As the results of your search start loading in, you’ll definitely feel giddy and excited to check out the results based on the size, budget, location and structure that you require.   


Apart from finding what you’re looking for, the kilig also comes from having peace of mind. That’s because Carousell also boasts of the “Inspected” badge for second-hand cars available on the platform. Cars that carry this badge have undergone a comprehensive 188-point inspection process that looks into a car's mechanical and electrical functions, in and out of the vehicle; as well as the car’s body frame itself, engine bay, undercarriage, and even the car's registration.   Qualified vehicles also carry an “Eligible for Warranty” badge so users can choose if they want to purchase used cars with warranty.  These features give buyers of second-hand cars the confidence and peace of mind they need when searching and making a purchase.  


To make sure online buyers and sellers know about these features and benefits, the new Carousell campaign will also include a series of fun online videos, articles, and informative posts to help users find the perfect property or car on the Carousell platform!  


So, want to skip the daunting process of finding your perfect match? Don’t forget to visit or download the app on Google Play or Apple App Store for more exciting, fun time finding ‘The One’. property and car for you. Indeed, #MayKiligSaCarousell!


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