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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Triumph Flex Smart: Provides exceptional support, while adjustable stretch padding adapts to your body

Its always a struggle finding our bra sizes, just like me, I always look for comfort and perfect fit. I am always in-between sizes and having difficulty finding the correct fit. Then, I just discovered Flex Smart from Triumph, it adapts to your body movement, and it fits and sit right where it belongs. Plus, I love the design and the seamless look.

I  have been wearing wired bras all my life because it lifts, then I just discovered that Flex Smart is non-wired and it fits and snuggled right where I want it to be. Yes, I have a change of heart.  Not to mention, how comfortable and adaptable Flex is,  for the perfect fit. It comes in 4 colors, stone, morandi grey, soft mauve and aubergine.

There’s no denying that for us women, underwear is a vital part of our everyday lives. It affects just just our fashion look but our overall comfort and confidence in our daily activities. That is why we are invested in finding the right one that will fit our lifestyle. 

With this in mind, underwear company Triumph has launched its newest collection––Flex Smart. This underwear line is designed to follow the unique  movements of a woman’s body. Knowing that no two bodies or busts are ever identical, the theme of adaptability has become ever-more important  in this product innovation. 

Flex Smart features flex inserts that are positioned to follow movements and expertly adapt  to provide support, whilst also providing a feminine and sensual look. The flex inserts are so  supportive that it is even suitable for light exercise such as yoga or Pilates. It  provides daily support for women whose busy lifestyles take them from home-to-office, mat-to-bar or even away from a Zoom call for a five-minute stretch.  

The non-wired bra features ultra-lightweight, temperature-regulating fabric with non-crease cups, so  that it is easy to roll up and store or pack away. Its infinity edge neckline sits close to the body and  the smooth finishes make it invisible under clothes.  

The matching ergonomically cut Maxi briefs are designed to flatter and flex to movement. With soft touch, temperature regulating fabric they are an ideal everyday brief. 

Also available in the collection is a vest, a pull on non-wired bra, sold exclusively online,  a long sleeve top and leggings, which all feature the flex insert, making them perfectly adaptable to movement. With temperature-regulating fabric, wear them for light exercise or style them with an outfit.  

The collection is available in small to extra-large, covering traditional sizes. Colors include stone, morandi grey, soft mauve and aubergine.  

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