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Thursday, November 30, 2023

“Suportahan Ta Ka” from the 2000s TV ad is making a comeback on PLDT’s 95th anniversary campaign

Love communicated is love received. In these times when young adults have so many choices in their careers, a parent’s support means the world to them as they begin to lead their own lives. 


Open and loving communication has always been the message of PLDT.  Remember the iconic tagline “Suportahan Ta Ka” from the 2000s TV ad? It’s making a comeback on PLDT’s 95th anniversary campaign.


From the Suportahan Ta Ka TV ad produced by Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, actor and model Christian Vasquez played a young medical student who asked for his dad’s permission if he could shift his degree to Fine Arts. As he confessed his plans, his doctor dad said, “Kung saan ka masaya ti, suportahan ta ka [Whatever makes you happy, I’ll support you!].” This one line immediately became a hit in the 2000s.

Twenty-two years since the TV commercial was launched, Christian Vasquez comes back with a true-to-life story that makes a heartwarming sequel for the iconic ad. Christian, now with two children, faces the same circumstances with his eldest son. On PLDT’s 95th anniversary video, Christian shares his own personal story.


The video tells the story of Christian’s real son, Jason (who also stars in the video), who’s due to take the engineering board exam soon and is at the same time working in an IT company. In the video, Jason is shown stressed and tired while reviewing for his board exam. In an online video call, Jason works up the courage to tell his dad Christian about his plan not to take the board exams and wishes to stay in his IT job.


Christian expresses his disbelief and tries to encourage Jason to take the exam as it will open more opportunities for him being an engineer. Just as he’s about to tell his son off, he suddenly remembers the lesson he learned from his own story from 22 years ago — that he must also show support for his son’s dreams.


At the end of the video, Christian emphatically tells his son that he supports his decision. From his dad’s “Suportahan ta ka,” Christian lets out the line “Palangga Ta Ka,” (which means “I love you”) highlighting his unconditional love and support for his son.


Parents may not always agree with their children’s decisions, but in the end, love and meaningful communication conquer doubt. In the video campaign, PLDT highlights its message of enabling meaningful connection through every generation.  From grandparents to parents and their own children, PLDT enables people to make meaningful connections even when they are far apart. Or even when the family may not agree with your decisions — love prevails. 


On its 95th anniversary celebration, PLDT reminds families of this powerful message and the importance of love, respect, and kindness in connecting with each other. 


Watch PLDT’s 95th anniversary video on Facebook and YouTube.



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