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Thursday, May 23, 2024

LG Infuses Life’s Good Vibes into 'Buruguduystunstugudunstuy: The Parokya Ni Edgar Musical

In an exciting blend of music, theater, and technology, LG Philippines has proudly sponsored the much-anticipated musical, “Buruguduystunstugudunstuy: Ang Parokya Ni Edgar Musical.” As part of its global "Life's Good" campaign, LG aims to spread optimism and introduce its vibrant, youthful brand identity to audiences around the world. The campaign, which was previously launched in major cities such as Seoul, London, New York, Vietnam, and Dubai, continues to inspire with its message of approaching life with a positive outlook.

Life’s Good Slogan in the theater entryway

In addition to integrating LG’s advanced technology into the storyline through product placements—such as air conditioners and vacuums used by the cast—the "Life’s Good" slogan is creatively incorporated into the musical’s script and backdrop. This strategic placement not only enhances the visual experience but also reinforces the show’s uplifting message.

The cast and creative team of "Buruguduystunstugudunstuy" collectively share how the partnership with LG and the integration of the "Life's Good" campaign have enriched their theatrical experience. Kyle Napuli (Aiza) reflects on the synergy between LG's contributions and the musical's message: "LG shared with us their lovely products to use for the show. Plus the saying ‘Life’s Good’ perfectly encapsulates the message of Buruguduystunstugudunstuy." Pepe Herrera (Mr. Suave) appreciates the impact of LG's support: "Sponsors like LG are a big help to any show. They bring more than just resources—they bring excitement and fun, which amplifies everything we do on stage. It’s truly more fun and vibrant with their support!"

LG XBOOM and LG CordZeroTM were used as props during the scenes in the play

Tex Ordoñez-De Leon (Norma) remarks on the aesthetic enhancement LG appliances bring to the set: "LG appliances have a way of making everything look better—they made Norma’s surroundings look incredibly rich! It’s a bit of fun seeing how these high-tech gadgets transform our set into something out of a luxury magazine," while Natasha Cabrera (Girlie) notes the positive influence on her character: "LG makes Norma's life good." Nicco Manalo (Mang Jose) highlights how LG products facilitate daily life within the narrative: "The LG products that we use in the show really gives you a clear idea of the world the character of Norma lives in."

LG Dual Inverter Compressor Aircon was also used as props in some scenes

Life’s Good slogan can also be seen in the LED backdrop all throughout the play 

Playwright Rody Vera points out how LG's slogan aligns with the show’s themes: "LG’s motto keeps everything we see in this world in perspective. We have a sense of humor, we have a sense of hope, and we have a sense of what’s real and what’s fantasy. But what binds all these ideas is our faith that Life is (ultimately, despite the challenges, beyond our sorrows) Good." Noel Comia (Tikmol) shares how LG enhances the production, "LG's contribution has really enhanced our production. The visual and entertainment quality is boosted significantly, making the whole show experience more vivid and engaging for the audience. It’s like they bring the ‘Life’s Good’ vibe right into every scene."

More features of the Life’s Good slogan 

Director Dexter Santos and actress Marynor Madamesila (Jen) further reflect on the thematic and aesthetic contributions of LG. Santos says, "Because the message Life’s Good is the ultimate quest for any person. To get to a place where they can embrace and accept all their flaws and claim life is indeed good." Madamesila adds, "LG captures what Buruguduystunstugudunstuy aims to convey; that no matter how crazy or difficult the world may be, if we change our perspective and get the support that we need, ‘life’s good.’"

More features of the Life’s Good slogan

LG Philippines Managing Director Mr. Nakhyun Seong was all smiles after the show. “The partnership between LG and the musical is a testament to the power of innovative branding intertwined with artistic expression, ensuring that the message of optimism not only reaches but also resonates with a global audience, encouraging them to believe that no matter the circumstances, Life’s Good.”

The LG Objet Collection, featuring beautiful top of the line TVs, refrigerators, WashTower units, microwaves, air purifiers, AeroTower, and Styler, is prominently displayed in the theater's foyer and exit lobby, perfectly aligning with the musical’s dynamic and engaging atmosphere

LG Objet Collection, LG OLED TV in the theater entryway

Buruguduystunstugudunstuy: Ang Parokya Ni Edgar Musical premiered on April 26 and runs every Friday and weekends at Newport Performing Arts Theater, Newport World Resorts. Get your tickets from Newport World Resorts or via Ticketworld. 

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