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Monday, May 13, 2024

Support Beyond Flowers: Celebrating Mother's Day with Community Impact

As the saying goes, mothers will go the extra mile for their children. I recall the challenging times when my kids started college and I struggled to cover their tuition fees. To get by, I often relied on signing promissory notes. Fortunately, I was able to borrow money from my mother and friends, repaying them with my salary. Imagine the stress of constantly searching for funds; I even took on a side hustle selling jewelry to make ends meet. Those days were tough, and I understand the struggle because I've lived it.

Mother's Day is traditionally a day to honor and celebrate mothers and mother figures worldwide, often with flowers, gifts, and heartfelt cards. However, the day can also be a poignant reminder of the challenges and pressures faced by mothers in both their personal lives and business endeavors. This Mother's Day, let's explore the profound impact that a supportive community can have on mothers by lending a helping hand, not just in celebration but in practical support.

When mothers receive the support they need, the benefits ripple out to the entire community. Well-supported mothers can achieve higher productivity levels, contribute economically, and nurture the next generation more effectively. Children benefit from seeing their mothers manage to balance personal satisfaction with professional achievement, which in turn fosters a culture of empowerment and equality.

A Call to Action This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, let’s think beyond the usual celebrations and consider establishing or contributing to initiatives that offer real, practical support to mothers. Whether it's through setting up local support groups, or supporting mother-owned businesses, everyone has something to contribute.

In conclusion, by ensuring mothers have access to a supportive community, we not only enhance their lives but also enrich our entire society. This Mother's Day, let's commit to being that community that lends a helping hand to mothers every day of the year.

This year, PLDT Home’s Mother’s Day campaign highlights the importance of having a reliable support system. Mothers tap into the power of peer support. A “network” of other moms — communities online and offline – where moms support and empower other moms.

PLDT Home equips mothers with empowering tools that prepare them for uncertainties, excitement, and anxieties in navigating their role.

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  1. Ang ganda ng PLDT Home mother's Video
    Talagang Nakakarelate at the same nakakainspire
    As a Mom talaga , dami natin pinagdaanan at kinakaya and in time we struggling ,we find a support system


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