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Friday, May 10, 2024

Three ways of celebrating our beloved mother figures according to Metrobank



The month of May often signifies the celebration of our beloved mothers, aunts, grandmas, and guardians. They have done a lot for us, from raising and taking care of us, to even helping us now in different aspects of life. Such hard work is why a lot of people raise their glass–or mugs–for their nurturing and painstaking effort. 


There are different ways in which we celebrate the ones that we cherish. Some opt to go all-out with their own fiesta or embark on a food crawl, while others prefer a simpler approach – with meaningful gifts and heartfelt notes. However you want to celebrate Mother’s Day, let Metrobank help keep your transactions smooth and secure, by being your ever-reliable banking partner. 

Vacations to different places.


Most people prefer to treat their family members by taking them on vacations to places that they have never seen before – whether it be the beautiful beaches, the awe-inspiring monuments within the city, or even to a different country. This notion especially rings true on Mother’s Day, where lots of people treat their beloved mamastitas, and grandmas with a quick getaway. 

A lot of people, on the other hand, think that the adage “nearer is better” rings true. Many people drive or even stroll to the nearest place that they have, be it a mall, a park, or even a theater. In this kind of weather, this may even be more convenient than going somewhere far away. 

If you're considering a getaway, Metrobank World Mastercard is your ticket to a stress-free celebration! With perks like exclusive deals, global airport lounge access, and rewards for every purchase, Metrobank becomes your indispensable ally, ensuring your vacations go smoothly and effortlessly.

Simple or extravagant gifts.

There are times when people just prefer to give their loved ones a present. It could be a simple gift such as flowers and chocolates with a card that shows their appreciation to their moms, or something more expensive such as the latest gadget. For those who can afford a grander luxury, a new car, or a newproperty can be a memorable Thank You gift to our much loved Moms. 

If you’re planning to go all-out on your Mother’s Day gift with a brand new car or a new home for your mom, Metrobank has got you covered with their car or home loans. 

With Metrobank’s Goals Made Real promo, you have one less thing to worry about as it offers low interest rates, waived fees of up to PHP50,000, free car insurance, and more on their Car or Home Loan. With all these, Metrobank makes gifting your Mom with a brand new car or a new home more accessible.  The Goals Made Real promo is open to clients with complete car and home loan applications submitted from March 15 to May 15, 2024.  Check out the full promo mechanics at : 2024 Car and Home goals made real | Metrobank 

Home celebrations.

For all the heavy lifting most people go for such a celebration, some just stick to the good, reliable in-house party, especially for those with elderly, disabled, or bedridden members. Another stress-free gift that will surely be appreciated by this special holiday’s celebrants is by paying the utility bills of your household. 

However you want to celebrate this holiday, Metrobank’s got you covered even as you do it from home. Through the Metrobank App, you can easily fulfill your banking needs in the comforts of your own bed – from transferring funds to restaurants, to paying your monthly utility bills. 

Whatever the occasion is, treating your mom, and all your loved ones is a breeze with Metrobank as your trusted banking partner.


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