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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Antistax helps you attain healthy legs

Supermodel, entrepreneur and mom Ms. Tweety De Leon-Gonzales the Antistax ambassadress together with host Gelli Victor shared to the media their secrets to sexy long legs in "Tea Time with Tweetie and Ellie" at the Chi Spa Shangri-la Hotel last July 3, 2014. Ms. Tweety de Leon told that she begins her day by eating healthy and juicing fruits. She plays squash, that alone requires a lot of leg movement, and dwells on her passion for making "charms" jewelry.  

She shows us around these stations and share her passion for what makes her the good model that she is by leading a healthy lifestyle, getting a hobby that  makes her happy and earn at the same time, and by practicing a correct posture when walking and posing for the camera.

She takes care of "Ellie" the elephant, a metaphor for leg cramps, the one that drags her legs down by taking  Antistax the leg supplement which is available in tablet and cooling leg gel.

Red wine in small quantities is supposed to be the secret of a long and healthy life, but did you know that the secret of healthy legs is hidden in red vine leaves? It’s true.

For many years, researchers puzzled over the fact that French wine growers almost never suffered from vein disorders. Then they discovered that the farmers were making infusions and poultices from vine leaves to treat their heavy, swollen and painful legs. This home remedy was proving to be a great success.

Pharmacologists analyzed the active ingredients of the red vine leaf and developed it into an effective extract, containing significant amounts of bio-active Flaven. This pure herbal extract is the basis of the Antistax range of products for tired, heavy legs which have been clinically proven to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.

Strict guidelines determine which leaves can be harvested, to assure the highest quality and content of herbal protective agents. The leaves are carefully rinsed and dried, before being enriched via a special process to obtain bio-active Flaven.

By the way – did you know that one Antistax tablet contains as much bio-active Flaven as you would get from three bottles of red wine? So it delivers good news for your legs without the next morning headache!

Antistax is available in two forms: topical cooling leg gel and in tablets. The cooling gel contains bioactive flaven, a type of flavanoid dried from a special variety of grape leaves, and the calming and cooling properties of peppermint oil and menthol, offering immediate relaxation. On the other hand, the tablet offers a 360mg of the same falavanoid, which may help improve the blood flow in the legs and fight tired, heavy legs.

Antistax - Walking Tips

Walk with your body upright, looking straight ahead, chin pointing slightly downwards, stretching the back of your neck.

Pull your shoulders back and lift your chest.

Pull in your stomach and bottom, keep muscles slightly tensed and try to avoid a hollow back.

Keep your elbows parallel and close to your body, bend your arms slightly allowing them to hang loosely at your side and swing as you walk, with your hands slightly clenched.

Make sure your heel hits the ground first and that you then roll onto the ball of your foot and then your toes.

 Your knees should always be relaxed and not completely straightened.

Always stay relaxed and walk at your own pace.

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