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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Time to pick up the pieces for Begin Again

Begin Again
Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley, Adam Levine
Directed by John Carney

Begin Again is not your typical love story, it is not mushy, it did not beat around the bush. It is a straightforward kind of love  that would require you to think and analyze things over.  It leads you to learn and appreciate that in every situation, there is always a solution, it is up to you how to rationalize things over.  With love and music, for Begin again , life goes on.

The movie opened up with Greta,(Kiera Knightley) a British songwriter, singing in a small bar  while Dan (Mark Ruffalo) the ex- record producer stared and amazed offered her a singing career afterwards. The story did not end there. There was a twist as each segments unfolds.

I love how the stylist played around in the movie, all of the characters dressed cool yet simple. Kiera Knightley's ensemble reminds me of the 80's, the red frock, slip-ons, the boyfriend jeans, the simple tattered jeans, the loose top,  she is wearing her character. Thumbs up for the stylist.

The music gets each and everyone at the audience, I still have the LSS for "Lost Stars". The simplicity of the story lifts up with every songs.
Everyone played their character well, it amazed me  how Adam Levine pulled out the last scene, it was painful, serene and you could feel the pain in Kiera's eyes. That one last song just gave it all.

I suggest you to see this movie if you're moving on or on the process of moving on. It will help you decipher everything that went wrong in a relationship, and most probably, pick up the pieces until you are a whole person again.

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