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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nate Burkey supports the 'futkaleros" dream of making it big

Nate Burkey of Azkals supports the dream of futkaleros by training with them and giving them tips on how to play the most loved and watched sport in the world.
Nate Burkey, together with FutKal founder Pete Amores, LBC Foundation Executive director Nena Wuthrich, and LBC Chief Marketing Officer Javy Mantecon joins the media people, futkaleros and coaches for the LBC Foundation and Futkal Primer event last July 19, 2014 at Sinulog Hall of Blue Leaf Filipinas.

(From left-right) Nate Burkey of Azkals, Pete Amores – FutKal Founder, Ms. Nena Wuthrich – LBC Foundation Executive Director, and Mr. Javy Mantecon – LBC Chief Marketing Officer

 LBC foundation, a supporter and believer of FutKal Field of Hope who are reaching out to the poor is hoping to go international with their "futkaleros".

Field of Hope, is a project aimed to help victims of the Yolanda tragedy recover, both mentally and emotionally, through "the beautiful game", football. Through sports, arts and music activities, and discipline, the program is giving children a new lease on life despite tragedy and poverty.

Futkaleros and coaches

FutKal has been implementing social development football programs in different provinces and regions since 2006. Through the years, the program has evolved and is now being praised for its recent efforts in Tondo, where they have trained a good number of Futkaleros. FutKal founder Pete Amores describes these children as ‘football enthusiasts that manifest a positive attitude and a purpose driven life.’

FutKal’s success on their “Kick for Life” program in Tondo has attracted the attention of the LBC Foundation, which prompted the latter to partner with them for “Field of Hope”. Nena Wuthrich, Executive Director of the LBC Foundation, hopes to achieve something equal to the success of “Kick For Life” or better with Field of Hope.

“Field of Hope is something that FutKal and LBC have been working on for quite a while,” said Wuthrich. “We saw the effect of FutKal’s programs on the kids in Tondo, and were hoping to inspire children affected by Yolanda from Tacloban in the same positive way,” she continued.

LBC Foundation and FutKal recently held an event at Blue Leaf Filipinas to show everyone how the programs are run. After a brief introduction, members of the press, special guests, and their children took part in an intense and fun football clinic with FutKal coaches, complemented by arts and music workshops.

“These programs are specially designed to appeal to the youth,” said Amores. “It gives them an outlet for their creativity and passion while teaching them the discipline they need for a better future,” he stressed.

“Aside from rebuilding homes and restoring livelihoods, we really want to help the children cope through post-traumatic stress therapy,” Wuthrich added. “This is all part of the LBC Foundation’s commitment in moving lives, businesses, and communities.”

To know more about FutKal and their activities, you may visit their Facebook page at

The LBC Foundation also supports other causes and programs to help move communities. To know more, visit the LBC foundation Facebook page at

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