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Friday, July 4, 2014

Dennis Trillo met with real-life assasins in preparation for "The Janitor"

From gay role to action, the versatile award winning actor Dennis Trillo portrays  Cinemalaya's "The Janitor" he plays an ex-cop who hunts down the suspects involved in the most heinous bank robbery in the country’s history. He confessed that he and Direk Mike Tuviera actually met real-life vigilantes to justify his role, there was a character study, he picked some information along the interview so that he could give justice to "Crisanto" the vigilante he was playing. He added that "nung umpisa kinabahan po ako at natakot pero habang iniinterview namen sila, normal lang na tao sila na ganun ang hanapbuhay". Direk Mike Tuviera, told the bloggers that the film was also inspired by Leon: The Professional", so expect a lot of action and character study in this indie movie for Cinemalaya. THE JANITOR, a Cinemalaya 2014 entry under the Directors’ Showcase Category, is written by Aloy Adlawan and directed by Michael Tuviera.

On May 16, 2008, the whole country was shocked upon learning the news about the massacre of the bank employees of the RCBC Cabuyao branch, what was eventually called “the Philippine's bloodiest bank robbery.” The perpetrators behind the incident were able to escape with an estimated P9 to P15 million in cash, and killed ten bank employees in the process. All were methodically shot in the head. The film 'The Janitor' is inspired by this very story. It follows Crisanto Espina, an ex-cop, as he carries out his orders to pursue the criminals involved in the robbery/massacre. But as he obediently hunts down each suspect while dealing with his own personal demons, he begins to realize that he is being consumed by the whole circus of the investigation and begins to question the brand of justice he once revered.

 On July 21 2011, the bloodiest bank heist in the country's history occurred at Mabuhay Savings Bank in San Pedro, Laguna, leaving ten employees dead, all ruthlessly executed. The perpetrators escape with an estimated P10 million in cash. The robbery is suspected to have been conducted by professionals, as they executed their plan with military precision. Wearing Moriones masks to conceal their identities, the thieves disabled the bank's security system and held-up the bank personnel inside while waiting for the vault's time lock to deactivate just before the usual opening time. Once they got the cash, a fatal mistake leads to an all-out bloodbath. Pressured by the people and media to resolve the crime, the authorities secretly order Crisanto Espina, an ex-cop, to handle the case. Eager to redeem his name and earn back the respect of his family, Crisanto diligently hunts down each suspect involved in the massacre. But as he finds each name on his list, he unravels the dirty truth behind his extrajudicial duties.

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