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Monday, July 14, 2014

Floating buffet and Glory Holes at La Cellule Greenbelt

The creative duo, Emmanuelle Becquemin and  Stephanie Sagot portrays contemporary art through installations, sculptures that incorporates a fusion of food  and art in live theater-like presentations thus the term La Cellule. Last July 11, 2014, the two artists transformed the Greenbelt 5 Gallery into an artists and food enthusiasts dream with their creation floating buffet and glory holes.

The concept of the Floating Buffet in which helium balloons support a light dessert or canapes in mini boxes for you to pick at an eye level is very appealing and liberating as well.  The guest is invited to taste the food which lightens the load of the balloons and gradually set them free. This is good for pica pica  gatherings,

Then comes the glory holes, in which one bare human arm protrudes from a hole serving you cocktail food or canapes of your choice. This is one booth that I frequented because of the many choices of cocktails that they served that night. The arm that gives food is a sight to behold, the red polish pairs up the finger food which is art in itself.

From world-class dining establishments heralded by the finest restaurateurs, to the flourish of design found in its fashion and furnishing studios, Ayala Malls’ Greenbelt continuously provides its customers a great dining and shopping experience. Not only does Greenbelt provide this, but also consistently offers rewarding cultural and artistic events for its patrons’ enjoyment.

Last June, Greenbelt celebrated French Month entitled “La Fete at Greenbelt”. There was more to love at Greenbelt with the activities that included the 16th annual French Film Festival, La Langue Francaise or French language classes conducted at Greenbelt, and a musical party at Fete de la Musique, which were made possible in partnership with Alliance Francaise de Manille and the French Embassy.

Becquemin and Sagot are staple names in art galleries, museums, modern art festivals, and fairs from across the globe. With regular exhibits in the world’s famous cities, such as Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Saint Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Jakarta, the double-powered art masters will be rendering a new definition of world-class entertainment.

For their Manila performance, expect nothing but one-of-a-kind concepts of edible art for the pleasure of the audience’s senses. “Floating Buffet”, which is an act that features helium balloons with boxes of edible delights freely hanging from the ceiling, invites a feast of sensation for food. “Glory Holes” allows guests to get closer and appreciate art better through munching on some delights served from bare human arms protruding from holes of a large cube container.

Acclaimed by press groups from all over the world with its exceptional works of art for a decade now, La cellule and its performances are definitely an addition to Manila’s must-see exhibits for the month of July. Get ready to witness the extravagance and splendor of each and every art piece that the talented twosome has prepared for its audience at The Gallery in Greenbelt 5, Makati City.

With the impeccable fusion of Becquemin and Sagot’s artistic flair, Greenbelt’s passion for the art and cultured lifestyle, and the cosmopolitan crowd’s enthusiasm for contemporary art, LA CELLULE’s exhibit will absolutely inculcate a creative spirit to its patrons and will also be a remarkable event to be held in the top shopping and dining hub in the urban side of the Philippines.

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