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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ignite! The Real Life Passions of Generation-Y

                    Philam Life's Gen Y Champions: Timothie Sy and Aileen Palmes

 Financial adviser (or advisor)  according to wikipedia is a professional who renders financial services to clients.

With that said, financial advisers should be considered professionals in financial planning to meet your financial goals. That's why I thought you should be at your wealthiest to have them by your side. So they should be able to understand all the tools and strategies available to you and recommend them accordingly.

I have never heard of  financial advisor or adviser before or what they do to control your finances,   until I met one at a recent Philam Life's " “Ignite! The Real Party Never Stops,” campaign last July 16 at Valkyrie Palace, BGC. The event was hosted by Ms. Joyce Pring and graced by Philamlife's execs headed by Philam Life CEO Axel Bromley with Guest DJ Club Master DJ Euric.

The party presents the 13 Young Financial (advisors) Next Generation Champions who walked down the catwalk and styled by Celebrity Stylist Carla Villanueva.

In a power-packed launch party event, dubbed as, “Ignite! The Real Party Never Stops,” Philam Life launched its new Next Generation campaign that celebrates the successes of young Financial Advisors, who take pride in having chosen a career that supports and complements their individual passions. They officially unveiled its Next Generation video, its maiden issue of Ignite! Magazine, and an exclusive first look at an up and coming new and exciting online community.

Ms. Anagel “Jay” Ledesma, Philam Life's Chief Agency Officer poses with the first issue of Ignite

Having the right balance between career and lifestyle can be challenging for many people, but for Philam Life Financial Advisors, it is possible to work at their own pace, and enjoy the perks of the career, which allows them to get as much out of the job as they put into it.

Here, Philam Life featured 13 young, passionate Next Generation Champions who have discovered how it is to take charge of a successful career while doing the things they love. Among them was Aileen Palmes, who felt fulfilled in ruling her world. Her love for ballet taught her what it truly means to love what she does and she applies it now with her passion for her career. Another featured Champion was Timothie Sy, who developed a winning mindset, attitude and discipline from his training as a Financial Advisor. He takes this with him wherever he may be in the world and in whatever situation he may find himself in.

Speaking at the party event was Philam Life CEO Axel Bromley who recognized the amazing power of the Next Generation and reaffirmed that being a Philam Life Financial Advisor fits the lifestyle of this young and driven generation. “I admire how millennials are finding their place in Philam Life as Financial Advisors. Philam Life provides them an opportunity to ‘work to live’ rather than ‘live to work,’ while enabling them to pursue their real life passions,” he enthused.

Bromley explained that being a Philam Life Financial Advisor means more than just a career. “It’s a way of life that allows members of the Next Generation to ignite their passion and achieve their dreams while changing lives and making real life plans happen.”

“Ignite!” was held at Valkyrie, one of the most popular clubs in the metro, where the crowd danced to the music of Club Master DJ Euric, and enjoyed unforgettable moments captured by hotshot photographer Inez Moro.

To discover exciting opportunities in Philam Life, please call (02) 526-9456.

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