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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Orange Blush Salon holds ‘Orange Day’

It’s a special day every Wednesday at the Orange Blush Salon in Cabanatuan City, as they treat their clients with special promotions and discounts on all of their salon services.

Orange Blush salon owner Joby Linsangan-Moreno says that on Wednesdays, they treat their already important clients “a little more special” by giving discounts on their services. For instance, a haircut costs P80 on regular days, but only P60 on Wednesdays; regular hair rebond is at P1,000, but drops to P800 only on Wednesdays. All other salon services are also discounted.

But why Wednesday? What’s so special about Wednesday? Explains Joby: “It’s the midweek, and we usually have the lowest head count during this day; we wanted to come up with exciting and unique promos that can create a strong customer loyalty base and relationship and at the same time, think of promos that could strengthen our brand. It is always our priority to deliver salon services with the highest quality yet affordable services, that come with warranty.”

But that’s not all. They actually have promos all year round, as their way of reaching out to clients and thanking them for their patronage.

“We usually have monthly promos that are related to special events/holidays during the month or season, from January to December,” says Joby. “Like, for Valentine’s Day, we give out two free movie tickets for couples who avail of P1,000 worth of salon services; recently we gave away five iPad minis to lucky customers who took part in our raffle draw. With a minimum of P250 worth of salon services, one is already entitled to one raffle ticket, and during the Christmas season, we have discounted package services (Hair Rebond with Hair Cellophane and foot spa). And also, just recently, we gave away free colognes (in vials) for every P250 worth, with discount coupons. We also have upcoming promos made especially for students, where they can avail free salon services (for the day) with every P250 worth of salon services availed and upon presentation of their school identification cards.”

These promos are part of Orange Blush salon’s effort to continually upgrade their services.

“Our aim as a company is to improve continuously; to do better every day, every week, every month, every year,” says Joby. “We strive to know our customers more and establish strong direct relationships with them. The market is ever-changing, and thus challenging; and we are aware that we need to keep up and step up to deliver the best salon services.”

To date, they have upgraded the interiors of all their company-owned branches, with the help of their partners, professional contractors and interior designers. “We want our salons to look very welcoming and attractive, and we also want to make sure that our customers are comfortable whenever they visit our salons. We also strive to offer only the best hair salon services and products, and we update and upgrade our hair salon services procedures and products every now and then to keep up with the customers and the trends in the industry.”

Another innovation that Orange Blush Salon has introduced is what Joby refers to as the Warranty Services. This is like a guarantee that clients will get only the best whenever they patronize the salon.

“We want our clients to know and feel that we do every hair procedure with outmost care and knowledge, and that our service extends beyond our treatments done inside the salon. We are ultimately responsible for our services that we render to our customers. We give out our warranty service slips, and customers are asked to come back to our salon for a free hair check-up, to check and see how our customers are doing and check on their hair/nails as well.”

Joby thinks that it is important for each customer to be treated fairly and with importance, and that every service should always be given with love and sincerity. “That is our way of showing them that we care.”

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