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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Alomah's Place: Bukidnon's Best Kept Secret Hideaway

I remember fellow blogger Ruth Floresca’s  precautionary advice before we agreed to join the OA trip--- "Hindi ka dapat maarte, and you should be ready to sleep on a tent--- in the middle of the farm,”

Well all my friends know that “maarte” isn’t in my vocabulary, and as far as sleeping inside a tent, I don’t think it could be worse than the time we went to Mt. Pico De Loro when our tent became our blanket amidst the rain.

After the Cervantes Farm tour, we then proceeded to Alomah's Place in Dahilayan. It was a long, tiring, drizzling 3-hour ride and by the time we arrived it was already late in the afternoon. Alomah's is located at Barangay Dahilayan in Manolo Fortich town Bukidnon.

Despite the long ride I think this was my favorite of the five farms we visited.  It had more of a laid back feel to it, "para ka lang bakasyonista" and the food was tasty and healthy!
Organic Tarragon tea with Stevia leaves and "Unli" Salad

As soon as we arrived, we were ushered to their living room/karaoke room/ and our hosts were quite generous and told us we could have all the Tarrragon tea (with stevia leaves) and salad we want to eat.

After having our afternoon tea and salad, we were introduced to the owners Mr. Benjohn and Grace Mahistrado.  Ms. Grace then showed us to our tent room for our overnight stay. The "tent room" was located upstairs with six set up camping tents.   We were supposed to sleep outside with tents in the farm, but the heavy rain downpour prevented us from doing so.

The 2000 hectare land is managed by the husband and wife couple Alomah's is the combination of Grace's maiden name Alombro and Benjohn's last name, thus the Alomah's. We listened to their success story, starting out as a young married couple who saved up and pursued their dreams of having a farm with varieties of organic produce and make a living out of it. ATI (Agricultural Training Institute of the Philippine Department of Agriculture) helped them make their dreams come true.

They are the ones who supply green lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, romaine, and carrots to one of the Shakeys branches. They told us that people who bought their organic vegetables loved and keep coming back for their produce because of its sweet, crunchy taste, their lettuce are guaranteed no pesticides and 100% organic.

Alomah's place also has an organic tilapia pond. There are free range chickens, goats and horses roaming around the farm.

After the farm tour, Mr Benjohn let us ride his favorite horse Riffle,  he guided us for a little straddle along the short path. I chose to just pose for a pic with my cowboy hat on.

The scenery was priceless as it was spectacular. The farm was really a sight to behold with its colorful organic plant produce in rows.

Mr Benjohn Mahistrado
I love that you have a clear view of the farm from just about anywhere so you'll get to see the lush greens, and see what's happening around the area. We were also lucky to witness the brilliant sunrise from the farm. It was truly a beautiful and captivating sight.

The weather was cold as if you were in Baguio because of the uphill elevation.  I was enjoying it too much that I seriously was contemplating of buying my own farm and live there for the rest of my life.

Alomah's place is open for teambuilding, recollection, retreat and horseback riding. They have cottages you can rent at P2400 a night, or tents for p500.  You can also enjoy unlimited tarragon tea and salad with special vinaigrette during your stay.

Farm Details:
Alomah's Place Dahilayan Manolo Fortich Bukidnon
Dahilayan 8703, Manolo Fortich,
Bukidnon Province, Philippines
+639177153560 / +639088972466 / +639168844374

To visit the different ATI-assisted projects (Organic Farming Learning Sites), you can drop by or ask the ATI Regional Training Center nearest you or inquire through:

982AGRI (982-2474) for Metro Manila calls
1-800-10-982AGRI (1-800-10-9822474) for provincial toll-free calls using PLDT landlines

For Smart and Talk & Text Subscribers, text 391-DA (391-32).
For non-Smart Subscribers, text 0920-946AGRI (0920-9462474).


  1. Kelangan cowboy pag OA blogger hahaha. Thanks for being so game sa lahat ng activities natin :)

  2. Kelangan cowboy pag OA blogger hahaha. Thanks for being so game sa lahat ng activities natin :)


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