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Friday, June 17, 2016

Yazz Card presents the Multitasking Celebrity Dads

Perfectly fitting with the evolving needs of today's generation—from paying bills, booking travel tickets, and purchasing from go-to online shops online—Metrobank Card Corporation offers YAZZ card, the all-around prepaid VISA card that allows cashless transactions, anytime, anywhere.

This Men’s Month, give the special man in your lives the gift of shopping convenience with a swipe of a card. YAZZ card asks celebrity dads, Ali Khatibi, Troy Montero, and AJ Dee, on how they balance their career, family, personal time and still do what they love despite of their back-to-back schedule.

“I'm usually kept busy with sports training, attending business meetings, and running errands,” says Khatibi, who married actress, Cristine Reyes—with whom he has a daughter, Amarah—earlier this year. With both mom and dad leading hectic work lives, Khatibi and Reyes makes it a point to spend free days together eating out, watching movies, or taking long drives. “Our daughter is only a year old, and it's critical that the three of us spend time with each other as much as we can.” The young family recently went on trips to Thailand and Iocos Norte. 

Dee’s schedule is just as hectic. When he isn’t shooting, working at an event, or updating his blog, The Filo Dapper, Dee squeezes in some much-needed me time by working out, watching a movie, or simple reflecting. “That’s the time you get to think, to reflect. Dun ako nagkaka ideas.” Moreover, Dee, actively finds time to talk to his family, who are based in Norway. “It’s a different kind of situation because were apart from each other,” he says. With a six-hour time difference, he reserves late evenings to communicate and bond with his wife and two sons through Facetime. When he visits them in Norway, the family bonds by shopping, which is great exposure for Dee’s fashion blogging.

Like Khatibi and Dee, Montero’s daily routine is a balanced mix of daddy duty and work responsibility. Up by 5am in the morning, Montero is in charge of taking his kids to school, before heading to the gym, followed by the office. Apart from hosting events and making TV appearances, Montero runs We Love Post, a production company. Once weekends, Montero goes on full father mode, bonding with his children and long-time partner, Aubrey Miles.  “Since school is on, family time is usually on the weekends.” The Montero-Miles brood counts shopping, eating out, or travelling during the summer among their go-to activities. “That’s the way I grew up. My parents made an effort to spend time with us on the weekends and I appreciate the time and effort they put into it.”

For these three guys, shopping certainly counts as both a family activity and a personal one. However with their busy schedules, they especially love the idea of online shopping for the unique conveniences it affords them. Khatibi, Dee, and Montero talks about the perks of making purchases with one click of the button.

“We usually book airline tickets, hotel rooms online if we are going on a trip,” says Khatibi, who also purchases sports gear through the internet. Dee, who also has his own suit collection, naturally gravitates towards fashion pieces like accessories and hard-to-find shoes. Finally, Montero likes the online-only travel perks, in addition to the convenience of purchasing anything from clothes to gifts. And with convenience and time-saving in place, these guys have more time to raise their families and enrich their lives.

Life demands much of these male celebrities. Between tapings, trainings, family time and even squeezing in much needed R&R like a quick online shopping session, the best companion to a multi-tasking lifestyle is a card that works as hard as you do, Metrobank’s YAZZ card!

Use YAZZ to instantly pay for bills and purchases from your favourite boutiques, supermarkets and 24/7 convenience stores worldwide. Go online to book travel tickets, buy books and games, and even plan entire vacations  with more confidence as the YAZZ card is EMV-enabled, which is the same technology used with credit cards that gives you more security and protection.

Shopping abroad becomes even more convenient as YAZZ is accepted in over 40 million VISA accredited merchants worldwide. YAZZ users can also enjoy aggregate load balance of up to P100,000 per month, which means more purchasing power with your card. And in instances where you need cash, you don’t need to worry as you can simply withdraw at the nearest accredited ATM.

With just P300, you can avail of the prepaid VISA card sold at merchant partners (SM HYPERMARKET, SM SUPERMARKET, SM BUSINESS CENTERS, SAVE MORE, FAMILY MART, WALTERMART, and CD-R KING) nationwide. Simply provide the essential details for registration including a valid ID, and once the card is activated, you can use it immediately. It’s that easy.

To (re)load funds into your YAZZ card is easy. You can just visit our loading partners nationwide (SM HYPERMARKET, SM SUPERMARKET, SM BUSINESS CENTERS, SAVE MORE, FAMILY MART, WALTERMART, CD-R KING, and ROBINSON’S BUSINESS CENTER) and provide your YAZZ Card number. The minimum load amount is P100 per transaction, while maximum load per day is P10,000. There is a flat P20 loading fee automatically deducted from each loading transaction. To check his/her load via, users can use the YAZZ mobile app, website, ATM, customer service or via SMS inquiry.

For more information, you can visit YAZZ card’s official Facebook page: YazzcardPH. YAZZ Card starter kits are also available at SM HYPERMARKET, SM SUPERMARKET, SM BUSINESS CENTERS, SAVE MORE, FAMILY MART, WALTERMART, CD-R KING, and ROBINSON’S BUSINESS CENTER.

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