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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Daiso lets you prepare your kids nutritious and delicious "baon" everyday!

It’s the parent’s responsibility to provide a reliable family meal time and a balanced meal with foods from all the food groups. It’s the child’s responsibility to decide what, and how much, to eat. Now, preparing baon for your kids at school could be tricky too, you have to cook and prepare a variety of nutritious and "fun" to look at food for a week. Now, fret no more for Daiso Japan would let you prepare with their cute tools for them. Yummy eats Baon Blowout presents Daiso Japan and food stalls last June 4 at Glorietta Activity Center. Daiso Japan presents Bento Making to the public using cute tiny tools such as  cookie cutters, animals and heart shaped

Nikki Garcia, mom, bento enthusiast and loyal Daiso Japan shopper; Kokeshi doll cosplayer Sloveene; and Bernice Jayne Chioa-Bunoan, Daiso Japan Marketing Services  Manager

"I wanted to empower my kids to eat independently, I wanted to encourage them to try new food, and widen their palate as well" told Nikki Garcia, Mom Bento

Preparing baon every day in the next 10 months often poses a big challenge for any mom. ‘Are they eating healthy?’ ‘Is their baon enough?’ and ‘What do I pack tomorrow?’ are the usual worries running inside mom’s thought bubble.

Avoid falling into your old routine of packing the same food for your kids with these helpful tips from Daiso Japan, the only authorized and exclusive retailer of Daiso Industries Ltd. Japan that sells clever, useful and cute items priced from P88.

Plan ahead and create a weekly baon schedule. The list may contain variations of items that your kids love like cookies and muffins as well as healthy options such as fruit slices and veggie sticks. Prepare everything you need the night before so you do not scramble every morning putting together a filling snack or lunch.  Daiso Japan has cute insulated lunch totes and thermal bags, which you can use to neatly assemble the day’s treat. Throw in a refrigerant pad, also available at Daiso Japan, to keep packed food fresh longer.

Keep things interesting. The last thing a child look forwards to during recess is a sad-looking sandwich. Brighten things up by creating cute sandwiches using Daiso Japan’s Toast Deco Stamp, which you can use to stamp a piece of toast before putting in the oven. You can also assign a different design for each school day along with a different filling (i.e. peanut butter, strawberry jelly, and chicken spread) to make things more exciting.

Kids eat with their eyes; hence, you can stimulate their appetite by putting their baon in fun and colorful food containers. Choose from Daiso Japan’s wide assortment of containers in vibrant shades, playful designs and fun shapes. Some of the things you can pick up from the stores are animal-shaped egg molders that can be used to shape eggs into hearts and animal faces among others. There are lunch sets with cute 3-piece cutlery which kids love.

To ensure that they get enough energy and nutrition to fuel them through all their activities, kids’ baon must contain healthy items from the different food groups such as rice, cereals, bread, fish, chicken, pork, vegetables, fruits and cheese. A bento box, some food dividers and sauce containers available at Daiso Japan come in handy when separating food items and preserving the flavors of each food.

Make your own fruit juices by blending a combination of fruits like peaches and strawberries, melon and banana, pineapple and oranges to create nutritious beverages. Store your homemade fruit juice in cute and practical Daiso Japan Cooling Tumblers with cooling stick that keeps drinks ice-cold without watering them down.

These are just a few tips you can use in the following days to make your kid’s break time more enjoyable and preparing baon a lot less stressful. For more great ideas, visit Daiso Japan stores with 53 locations nationwide through Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. which holds the exclusive sub-license to sell authentic Daiso merchandise from Japan and operates the legitimate Daiso Japan store concept in the Philippines.

To know more about Daiso Japan Philippines, check out: Facebook: or @DaisoJapanPH Twitter: or @DaisoJapanPH Instagram:

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