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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jaya Secret Garden grows Blue Ternate Flower (Butterfly Pea Flower)

We woke up to the chirping of the birds and the soothing sounds of nature and everyone was excited for our third destination-- Jaya Secret Garden at Malaybalay.

Jaya Secret Garden is smack right in the city of Malaybalay Bukidnon, but you'll never know that there is a secret backyard farm unless you have the owners to tour you around.


Before the tour we first had our sumptuous healthy lunch first at Jaya Secret Garden. They prepared steamed blue ternate rice, fried adobo duck, fried tilapia, tinolang manok, stewed vegetables, fresh fruits like papaya, balimbing, guava and organic fruit juices.

Fried Organic Tilapia

Yes you read that right. Not brown, or red but BLUE RICE..

It was my first time to see and eat blue ternate organic rice. They told us that the blue ternate flower or Butterfly Pea Flower (Clitoria ternatea) is rich with antioxidants. It has anti-aging as well as anti-inflammatory properties, good for your vision and if you are trying to conceive, the ternate rice is said to help women become more fertile. 

Blue Ternate Rice or Butterfly Pea Flower

Being quite adventurous, I tried to chew one of the flowers. It tasted flat but slightly sweet and it left a blue ink-like color on my tongue. I thought if I ate enough of the flower I might just transform into X-Men's Mystique. 

Stewed vegetables

Organic vinegar with chili, onions, ginger

Fresh Crunchy Papaya

Blue Ternate Flower, Balimbing and Guava

They grow Ternate Blue flower in their backyard and it is a sight to behold, I love the blue color with pop of green leaves.

After our lunch, Mr Juna, with the help of his daughter Jaya took us around their backyard farm. Mr. Juna and Jaya talked about the produce they grow and the organic tilapia in their fish pond. They also raise ducks and chickens as well.

Jaya Bayag
Jaya Secret Garden was named after their 11-year -old daughter Jaya, (Jayashree Harsha A. Bayag) a Grade 6 student from Malaybalay. Her dad proudly told us that she had a green thumb for organic gardening. She markets their products to those who want to eat organic delicious and healthy produce.

Mr. Juna Bayag

Mr Juna Bayag is a high school teacher teaching Agriculture in TLE subject.  With the help and trainings from Agriculture Training Institute, he was able to put up his own backyard farm. 

Aside from cabbage, lettuce, papaya, gourd, romaine, blue ternate flower. They also grow choco chili and world's hottest pepper Carolina reaper.

Mr. Juna Bayag helps stop global warming by by recycling organic waste or composting it into his garden.  He advised to buy locally grown and produced foods. He is an advocate of sustainable living by practicing it into his backyard farm, he makes use of recycled tires and plastic pots  in the vegetable garden. 

To know more about the farm,  Jaya Secret Garden is located at Comisio St., Brgy. 1, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon Philippines. For farm tour schedule

Please contact:
Ms. Hazel Fe A. Bayag(Garden Business Manager)
Mobile number: 0917-7933309/0917-795444
Email: Facebook: Jaya Secret Garden

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