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Saturday, October 15, 2016

My 10 Amazing Finds at Daiso Japan!

Besides the skin care and makeup stores, there's one other store that I always check out whenever I go shopping--Daiso Japan!

Its a good thing that more Daiso stores are opening so I dont have to go far to buy some accessories and house items. I'm sure anyone who’s been to Daiso Japan would agree with me that an hour is not enough to comb through the shelves and shelves of cute and sometimes hard to find merchandise available at the store.

You should also be on the lookout for their bargains deals on practical items you can use everyday which might even know existed!

Here are some of the neat stuff I found during my last visit!

Tea filter
I love Tea! As if that isnt obvious enough from my blogsite. Forget about frappuccinos and ice shaken beverages. This teeny-tiny tea filter will make you look forward to afternoon teas! Have friends over, bake some scones, and fill each filter with your favorite artisanal leaves.

Matte Finish Topcoat
Similar brand name products sell for P300 upwards which makes a bottle of this matte finish topcoat a great bargain. Apply it over your favorite shade to even out brush strokes, prolong your mani and achieve a matte effect on painted nails (because not everyone is into glossy finish).

Decorating tape
In this age of electronic mails and instant messaging, anything handcrafted is quite the novelty. These charming decorating tapes are a DIYer’s best friend in turning ordinary objects into adorable customized projects. Use these versatile Japanese tapes to create personalized stationeries and gift wrappers, design notebooks, decorate vases, and make cute coasters. The possibilities are endless, so get crafting!

Tube squeezer
Did we mention that Daiso Japan has the quirkiest merchandise? Hiding somewhere in the home section is this small but powerful tube squeezer. Seriously, this simple-looking contraption squeezes the life out of an empty toothpaste tube for a few squirts more. So don’t toss out that tube yet.

Disposable diapers for pets
Love pets but hate cleaning after their mess? Put these comfy diapers on your beloved canine and you’ll never have to tidy up. The diapers are easy to use, provides good absorption and are available in different sizes.

Clear shoe boxes
Shoes in the living room or under the stairwell is not exactly a welcome sight. If you don’t have the budget for a shoe cabinet, the next best thing is to store your footwear in clear plastic shoe boxes and stack them up in one corner of the house or inside the bedroom. It also saves you the trouble of guessing what pair is inside the box.

Fun glasses
Parties are the perfect excuse to look silly, be a kid again and have fun. These oversized party glasses are just the props you need to get the laughter going. Wear them with friends and take silly pictures. No one will judge you, promise.

Phone cases
Phone cases are like bags; you can’t have too many of them! These trendy cases come in unique kawaii designs that perfectly reflect your style and personality. They’re affordable, too, it won’t cost a month’s allowance to change your phone’s OOTD every week.

Wooden toys
Learning and having fun at the same time is what you call value for money when buying toys for your kids. These 3D wooden toys are an engaging way to improve your child’s motor skills. Make it a great bonding time and piece together the cutouts inside the box to create dinosaurs and sports cars.

Car interior wipes
Every guy who loves a car that looks and smells clean should have a pack of these wipes in their glove compartment. These come in handy for wiping ketchup splatters, liquid spills and even tobacco stains. Remember that a spanking clean car is extra points for you.

But don’t rely on just this list. There are more hiding behind the shelves plus new stocks coming in on a regular basis.   

Daiso Japan has 55 store nationwide through Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. which holds the exclusive sub-license to sell authentic Daiso merchandise from Japan and operates the legitimate Daiso Japan store concept in the Philippines.

Follow them on Facebook at @DaisoJapanPH on Twitter and @daisophilippines on Instagram.

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