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Thursday, October 27, 2016

McLisse’s spiced up date in McDonald’s

Things just got even hotter between the rising loveteam McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson, fondly called McLisse, when the two went out on a surprise date in McDonald’s after they attended a high-profile suit and tie event last Saturday night. Fans were thrilled when McCoy shared the good news on his Twitter account that the night was not yet over as Elisse had agreed to an after-party date with him. The glammed-up pair was then spotted inside McDonald’s Makati Cinema Square, standing in line at the counter for their midnight McSpicy meals.

Through a team-up with McDonald’s, McLisse gave fans the chance to be a part of the date in the almost 15-minute Facebook Live session. Over 15,000 viewers tuned in to the video aired on McDonald’s Facebook page, where they cozied up and shared their first impressions with each other, revealed each other’s favorite traits, and recalled the night’s exciting moments, all while munching on their McSpicy and fries. Seeing the two in this surprise session was definitely worth giving up a few minutes of sleep for.

​Like a true gentleman, McCoy caps the night with a bouquet for the lovely Elisse (photo by Renato Lua)

Whether you are one of the lucky fans who watched McLisse’s live date or missed it, you can still relive this spiced up experience by watching the recorded live date on McDonald’s Facebook page. While you’re at it, try a McSpicy when you dine-in at any McDonald’s restaurant nationwide or via Drive-Thru or McDelivery (86-2-36,, or the McDo PH app.)

Treat yourself with McSpicy and share your photos on Facebook, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram.

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