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Monday, October 31, 2016

MYNP founder and chairman Dr. Boy Abunda named the MYNP 2016 Awardees

The Best Nanay Awards 2016 of Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation, Inc. was held last October 29, 2016 at the Legend Villas. Ten winners were chosen from the 630 entries from all over the country that were short listed. The winners of the 3rd Best Nanay Awards 2016 were Anecita Fernandez, Espirita See, Heide Aquino, Amalia Ponce, Pamela Alarin, Adelina San Miguel, Virginia Dahilan, Dolores Balana, Purificacion Ubasa, and Maritess Odarbe. 

 The Board of Judges included  Direk Jerome Chavez Pobocan, yoga teacher Lex Bonafe, Dr. Jacel Mabansag of EARIST, Barangay Chairwoman Rosa Magpayo, JT Tubil of Accenture, Arlyne Fernandez of Virlanie Foundation and Zelfa Alvaro of Couples for Christ.

In his speech, MYNP founder and chairman Dr. Boy Abunda lauded the roles that the awardees played not just as mothers of their families but of their communities as well.

“We are here tonight because we want to deliver a message that again and again, we should keep on talking about our mothers being the best mothers. That we should keep on talking about the truth that this world is, will be a better place because of the way we treat our mothers. And this place is going to be a better place if we can be the best children to our mothers,” Abunda said.

He also added that this is a time of our lives that we need an inspiration -- we need heroes, we need people to look up to – our mothers.

In spite of poverty, Anecita Fernandez of Masambong, Quezon City, was able to send her children to school. Likewise, she helps her friends and people in the barangay with their needs in her work as barangay staff. 

Dr. Espirita See is an eye doctor from Cagayan Valley. A disciplinarian, she taught her children the values of frugality and hard work. Her grown-up children have also joined organizations that help the poor. Heide Aquino is a retired professor of Spanish at Ateneo de Manila University. She spearheaded the Jolly Senior Citizens of East Kamias and sends children to college, even if they are not her relatives.

Amalia Ponce is a mother not just to her family but to her community and the school where she works. Pamela Alarin is a mother who is also a tricycle driver with four children. Neighbors seek her opinion because of her positive frame of mind.

Adelina San Miguel is the 73-year-old founder of Tahanang Balik-Alay, a caregiving home for the aged in Taytay, Rizal. Virginia Dahilan sent her six sons to school on a meager government salary and later helped her community as a barangay kagawad. 

Dolores Balana is a 61-year-old pharmacy aide at the Bataan Provincial Hospital. Always cheerful despite poverty, she sent her seven children to school.

Purificacion Ubasa is a 76-year-old mother from Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. She heads the Catholic Women’s League chapter and still works as a marriage counselor. Marites Odarbe has Parkinson’s Disease but nevertheless works as breadwinner and has written a book, Trust 
His Will – A Personal Journey from being a Person with Disability to a Person of Destiny (POD). 

The 10 awardees received a mother-and-child trophy handcrafted by Ifugao sculptors, cash, gift certificates and products from the generous sponsors that included M.E. Sicat Construction, Generika, Great Image, HBC, La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel, Techno Marine, BDO-Kamuning, International Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Orange Blush Salon, Jollibee, ChemWorld Fragrance Factory, National Book Store, McDonalds and Puregold.

MYNP is a civic organization of Filipinos who love their mothers and who want to honor them by helping themselves, others, their communities and the country.

For more details about MYNP, please visit their website and  FB Fanpage or contact the office at (02) 413-5868  or  e-mail at


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