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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sonos, one of the best wireless speakers money can buy

If you are a Speaker/Audio Enthusiast like my partner who has been collecting all kind of speakers from bluetooth to wireless, from generic to branded, then most probably Sonos does ring a bell to you. It was my first time to listen to a Sonos speaker and all I could say is that, its the best multiroom wireless speaker that produces clear and crisp sound. It is wise to invest in Sonos speakers if youre into quality audio.

I had the privilege of checking Sonos speakers when it was launched last October 5 at The Manila Peninsula Makati.

Prestigious sites have noted that Sonos offers the best speaker systems in the market—and it’s
coming to Metro Manila in October 2016 to give you the power to redefine multi-room home

Audio authority recently declared, “Sonos is the best multi-room wireless speaker
system. It has a class-leading music ecosystem, excellent sound quality, and unparalleled ease of

A primary reason why Sonos is becoming the top-of-mind choice for music speakers is its
uncompressed, immersive sound quality. Most of the popular sound systems today compress audio
signals, compromising sound fidelity. Sonos lets you enjoy the full beauty of the music you love with
its immersive, crystal-clear sound.

Considered the best multi-room smart speaker system for bridging the music gap across your home,
Sonos can easily be set up in any room, or every room, in your home—and its compact speakers are
surprisingly loud for their size without compromising sound quality.

One simple app, Sonos Controller, lets you control your music. Whether you prefer wireless via WiFi
or line-in set-ups, Sonos offers unparalleled flexibility, giving you virtual bespoke sound options.
Sonos also allows you to access over sixty music services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tune-in
Radio and many more.

Trueplay allows you to customize your listening experience depending on the layout of your room, by
scanning the room with the use of your phone’s microphone.

With Sonos’ multiroom feature, you can play the same song and you’ll never experience “echoes” or
delays thanks to its seamless connection. However, you can also set up your Sonos system so that
each room in your home has its own musical ambience—all on a single device and using just the
Sonos Controller app. No other wireless speaker can offer that kind of personalized listening

It would typically be assumed that a system as brilliant as the Sonos would be expensive, but it is
much-loved for one more reason: it offers its many speaker options, all with the system’s trademark
excellent quality, at different price points.

The Play:1, its popular compact basic speaker unit, is surprisingly powerful. Then there’s the top-of the-range Play:5, recently chosen by The Guardian as “…one of the best wireless speakers money
can buy.”

You can pair your HD TV with Sonos Playbar’s highly detailed, richly textured sound. It is
complemented by excellent compatibility with multiple systems, with the ability to work with just about every IR remote and can be controlled by free apps from your Android or iOs device.

Elite-class music aficionados will want to acquire the Sub, Sonos’ take on the traditional subwoofer,
or Connect and Connect:Amp, which can turn any stereo or home cinema into a music streaming
system, seamlessly integrating your home cinema system and other audio devices into your Sonos
Multi-Room Music System. For areas with limited WiFi signal, the Sonos Boost allows you to
broadcast 360 degree signals through walls and ceilings.

Exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Modularity Electronics Inc. (MEI), Sonos will initially be available only at the Scavolini Showroom, Shops 9, 10, & 11 at The Peninsula Manila. Orders and
inquiries may be directed to; you can also check out their website, or Facebook page, Sonos PH. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @sonos_ph.

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