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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Reliving memories through FUJIFILM Photo Diary

Remember those photo albums where our mothers kept memories of our first birthdays, graduation, first communion with labels intact in each page?  Do you remember what you looked like? When we were innocent and dorky. What were the fashion trends then?  Feeling nostalgic yet?

During those days, my mother collected around 6 photo albums and showed it to anyone who visited our house.  She was so proud of every celebration she took pictures of and kept it neatly intact inside an album.   It was pretty awesome collecting pictures and put in an album during those years because that was the coolest/sweetest thing to do to preserve memories, at least to my mother. Now that I am in her age,   I kind of like the idea now and would love to buy a photo album and print all my snapseed-ed pics taken from my mobile phone. And get creative with wasabi tapes and all those cute stationeries. Until FUJIFILM came up with Photo Diary. The best invention so far, my mother would be happy.

Recently FUJIFILM PH launched FUJIFILM Photo Diary with celebrity mom Cheska Garcia Kramer and Filipino-Australian model Lauren Reid, who’s also the sister of FUJIFILM endorser James Reid.

They discussed and shared their photo diary to the media and  showed what photos they have collated.

The Photo Diary is made of high-quality FUJIFILM photo paper and special insert material to make the pages withstand wear-and-tear. However, unlike the expensive coffee table books that take months to create, the best part about the Photo Diary is that it takes as fast as 24-hours to produce (production time may vary). In just about a day or so, you can have your most treasured snaps in a high-quality, hardbound photo book.

Everyone wants to preserve memories and organize photos into an album but it is a tedious task. Sorting through an overabundance of snaps and deciding on a layout takes time.

The FUJIFILM Photo Diary is the answer to the growing demand for putting photos together into an album, properly selected and labeled, and accomplished in minutes. Developed through F UJIFILM’s Image Organizing Technology, the Photo Diary enables you to make an original album out of a year’s worth of images or to simply mark a milestone or two. Instead of choosing hundreds of photos manually, the Image Organizing Technology software will automatically select the best photos for you and arrange it in the best layout possible. Because of this, you can row create a ready-to-print layout in just five minutes. There are also several design templates and vibrant color schemes that users can choose from to make their photo-customizing

Another amazing feature of the Photo Diary is that it makes for a very handy repository of memories. It is like owning your own coffee table book instead of the traditional photo album. It is not bulky and can be tagged along wherever you go.

FUJIFILM is confident that Filipinos will take to the Photo Diary very well because Filipinos are a photo-loving nation, from mothers who cherish and preserve memorable family moments to young millennials who express their creativity with well-curated and stylized photos. The Photo Diary is the perfect tool to document life’s important milestones: weddings, birthdays, graduations, and favorite travels.

The price of the Photo Diary starts at Php 999 for a minimum of 16 pages, up to Php 2,199 for a maximum of 40 pages. Available at the Wonder Photo Shop and F UJIFILM authorized dealers, the Photo Diary is a fun, easy, and modern way of documenting photos and making them a lasting keepsake, handed down horn generation to generation, and shared among family and friends.


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