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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

5 Banana Boat Spray-On Sunscreens for your "AmazeSkin" Summer Adventure


Its officially summer when you see yourself scouring and reading sunblock/sunscreen labels from the toiletries shelves of your favorite department store while googling from your phone what's best there is for your next beach destination.  I have rules when buying sunscreens.

1.     It should be water and sweat resistant. 
2.     It should be in spray variant so that I could spray parts of my body I don’t            think the sun hits like between my toes and or behind my ears or other                  hard  to reach parts.
3.     It should be good for the whole family. One good sunblock fits all.
4.     It should have broad spectrum protection. The one that blocks ultraviolet B          rays, which cause sunburn, and ultraviolet. We are all afraid of premature            skin aging and skin cancer.

As I shop for sunblocks. I noticed the new sunblock product by Banana Boat "The Banana Boat Dry Balance".  I love that it comes in spray variant and helps you feel dry and fresh all over with SPF 50 and UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection. How's that for your sun protection? Its cool right?

Banana Boat unveils it’s latest product – The Banana Boat  Dry Balance recently for the Banana Boat AmazeSKIN Race Challenge held at Pico de Loro, Nasugbu Batangas with bloggers and Banana Boat executives.

“ To keep up with the evolving trends in the sun care industry,  Banana Boat is always developing new, innovative products to fit the many needs of consumers and together with the commitment in giving the consumers the best product with utmost sun screen protection lead to the creation of Banana Boat Dry Balance ” said Mr. Franz Manalo, Brand Manager for Banana Boat.  

“The product is designed to give customers the most enjoyable experience when it comes to sunscreen.  Banana Boat Dry Balance aims to eliminate that heavy feeling by absorbing excess moisture to help keep you feeling dry and fresh, even after a day in the sun. The product is available in two variants – the lotion and the aerosol spray ” he adds. 

The Banana Boat Dry Balance is also designed with the PowerStay Technology similar to all the other Banana Boat products; and all their products - it is tested to stay on in seven real life conditions – sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand and extreme heat up to 100 degrees – to provide safe and effective sun protection.

And to put Banana Boat Dry Balance to the test, guests were invited to participate in the Banana Boat  AmazeSKIN Race Challenge.

Participants of the race were tasked to complete the challenges in all the seven pitstops that represents the seven real life conditions where Banana Boat  Dry Balance stays on – the sun, pool water, ocean water, sweat, sand and extreme heat.

Top three (3) teams with the fastest time to finish all seven pit stops were declared winners. Gold, Silver & Bronze medal were awarded to the winners along with cash prizes and special gift packs from Banana Boat.

Banana Boat is ending the summer of 2018 with a bang by giving the consumers the chance to experience Banana Boat  Amazing Skin Race in Subic.

Consumers can also enjoy a wide array of Banana Boat products that will fit specific needs.  

The Banana Boat  Sun Comfort Spray, perfect for the beach because it brushes off sand easily, it also moisturizes skin and relieves dryness. 

The Banana Boat  Protect & Hydrate, is a 2-in-1 Sunscreen and Moisturizer.  This contains Aloe Vera and has antioxidants.  

The Banana Boat  Dry Oil, has moisturizing formula with Argan oil for silky soft skin. It also has coconut and grape seed oils.

To know more about Banana Boat products and Banana Boat  AmazeSKIN Race Challenge visit the Official Facebook Fan Page – Banana Boat   Philippines.

Banana Boat is a world class product from Edgewell Personal Care and is being marketed and distributed in the country by Getz Brothers Philippines.

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