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Sunday, May 6, 2018

With Derucci, discover the true benefits of luxury with a sleep system that’s designed specifically for you

I always believe that in order to be productive for the day. You should sleep at least 8 hours a night, no more no less.

If I didnt get to sleep better at night. You'll find me cranky and irritable the next day. Its always like that. That's why sleep is precious to me, in my age at this time.  If you've noticed yourself becoming forgetful, it might be worth thinking back to how much sleep you've had recently. So better have a deep good sleep to start the day right.

That's why before resting at night I take my shower. Light a scented aromatheraphy candle. Remove all my gadgets,  out of my reach.

Recently I just invest in a good bed with mattress and partner it with a good pillow. It helps me lull to sleep and relax.

Derucci recently launches luxury beds, mattresses and pillows last May 4 at De Rucci The Teoff Centre, Binondo. The event was attended by celebrity endorser Ms. Kim Chiu together with De Rucci executives.

Derucci, the leader in healthy sleep systems, proudly opens in the Philippines with brand ambassador Kim Chiu and Derucci principals including David Shi, General Manager of Derucci Overseas Holdings Ltd. at the Manila Hotel, for their launch party.

With its flagship store located at the heart of Old Manila, the original premier shopping district, Derucci more easily caters to its discerning clientele.

“Derucci is committed to providing our customers with comfortable yet contemporary bedroom mattresses and furniture of the highest quality. We spend more than 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so why shouldn’t we prioritize getting ourselves a bed that’ll ensure us the best night’s sleep?” says Damien Raymond Ty, Corporate Secretary of Derucci Philippines.  

Kim Chiu adds, “With my hectic schedules, I usually have to sneak in a nap while on the road, and since it’s only a few minutes or hours at a time, it greatly affects my energy and mood for the day. This is why I believe that we should invest in the perfect bed because there’s nothing more important than getting quality sleep. When we sleep, that is when our body recharges and heals itself.”   

Derucci was established in 2004 and boasts over 2,200 showrooms worldwide, with presence in China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, US, Japan, Canada and Egypt, among others. From the East Coast (New York) to Southeast Asia, Derucci is fast expanding its global reach.

Helping to define the brand above the rest, Derucci’s team of experts continually develop new designs that ensure a better night’s sleep, marrying contemporary European aesthetics with impressive engineering to create beds that not only last a lifetime, but ensure a lifetime of quality sleep. Bringing clients’ utmost comfort, each luxury bed is tailor-made, providing the perfect combination of body care and support. In addition, Derucci has partnered with other leading global brands to bring you the best and most luxurious materials.

Derucci established closed corporate partnership with prestigious corporations including Italy’s Technogel, Belgium’s Rako, Germany’s Otten, Italy’s Salvadori, ARTILAT N.V, Italy Lamborghini, Switzerland’s DOC corporate, and Belgium’s Kmart.

“With Derucci, discover the true benefits of luxury with a sleep system that’s designed specifically for you. Try our beds and mattresses to experience something truly life-changing,” ends Ty.

For more information, visit
Instagram: @derucci_ph
E-mai address: 
Contact: 0927-4789478
Landline: 717-4676
Address: Unit 4 & 5 Ground Floor, The Teoff Centre, 355 T. Pinpin Street corner San Vicente Street, Binondo, Manila, Philippines.

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