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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Download the Marites Allen Feng Shui App for better luck and lives via Google Play for Android users and App Store on iOS

I was born in the Year of the Horse and 2018 is my lucky year for love, wealth,  business opportunities and travel. Yehey for that! I had my reading with Fengshui Queen Marites Allen Feng Shui Forecast for 2018– Year of the Earth Dog five months ago from an intimate presscon held at Marco Polo. 

Readings done according to my year, date and time of birth are all kind and positive, including my health, which is I am very thankful of. I exercise a lot and watching my diet. I cannot be sick this year and for years to come.  I have plans on visiting my son anytime soon.

Since Feng Shui Queen Marites Allen gave me her predictions 2 years ago. I always take precautions for days and time of danger and or destruction. (To those who have her planner and book, you know what I mean)  It served as guidance to my everyday life. I have never been sick nor met an accident or bad people along the way. Thanks for the charms, bracelets, amulets, shawls that I bought from her during her feng shui forecast.

 I always carried one or 2 charms in my bag for luck and guidance since then.

I always take time to check my lucky and unlucky days and hours from Marites Allen Feng Shui Planner for this year 2018.  For destruction day, I prefer to stay at home and schedule my activities ahead of time. There are many feng shui tips from the planner itself. There are also suggestions how to attract auspicious energies into everyday life. It wont hurt to have them as guide in my case.

Now for those millenials who are asking for a  Marites Allen Feng Shui app. 

If you dont have the planner and or book with you, you may now access Feng Shui Queen Ms Marites Allen through her app, by downloading it to your phone. Its available through Android and iOs.

Feng Shui Queen Ms. Marites Allen recently launched her Marites Allen Feng Shui App by ABS-CBN Publishing (API) last May 9 at Marco Polo Hotel. The launch was attended by celebrities, (Tim Yap, Phoemela Baranda) media and friends.

Unlock opportunities and embrace good luck with the one-stop daily guide available in the new Marites Allen Feng Shui App by ABS-CBN Publishing (API). 

The pioneering app features daily forecast and opportunities fitting for each user based on geomancy (feng shui), known for its use of energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. It is developed by Philippine-based digital solutions company Synergy88 Digital in its first ever partnership with API and feng shui master Marites Allen.

According to API’s print publishing and digital operations head Mark Yambot, the new app brings Marites’ insights to readers around the world. He said, “In the Philippines, the name Marites Allen is synonymous with Feng Shui. Thus we were honored when she chose ABS-CBN Publishing as her publisher and distributor for 2018, making her popular books available to readers nationwide. With the Feng Shui 2018 App, mobile users all over the world will now be able to access Marites Allen’s extensive and highly valued insights.”

The free app also includes a list of suitable and unsuitable activities to consider to boost users’ chances of success, and also to caution them on the possibility of unfortunate occurrences.

Meanwhile, premium users get access to the entire lunar calendar for planning and matching important activities and decisions with auspicious dates.

Marites is a Geomancer and the first Filipino to receive the prestigious “Master in Feng Shui" recognition from the International Feng Shui Association. She is also the only Filipino member of the Feng Shui Societies of London, Singapore and the World of Feng-Shui Malaysia. Her passion for the art drives her to guide others to have better luck and better lives.

The app was formally launched at Marco Polo Ortigas last Wednesday attended by Synergy88 Digital’s managing director Jackie Chua and celebrities such as Phoemela Baranda and the host of soon-to-be-launched Metro Channel show “Tim’s Table,” Tim Yap.

The Feng Shui app is part of the digital initiatives of ABS-CBN, which is rapidly transitioning into an agile digital company with the biggest online presence among Filipino media companies, and a growing list of digital properties.

Download the Marites Allen Feng Shui App to boost your chances of success via Google Play for Android users and App Store on iOS. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or

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