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Friday, May 11, 2018

Aspen Philippines launches “Kwella sa Es-Kwella at Komunidad” campaign for proper head hygiene among Filipino families

If you have encountered head lice (kuto) in the family. You know its lice, when the head itch doesnt go away and is keeping your kid afflicted with it awake at night. You may wonder where did it come from. We all know that if anyone from the family has lice, they got them from another person through head-to-head contact by using  hair brush, comb, hairclips or hats/caps from friends or someone else's.  Then it transfer from one head to another, the kids are the most affected host in the family. So how do we treat head lice aside from using a very fine comb. We must use a headlice shampoo treatment to help eradicate lice from scalp.

Aspen Philippines, a subsidiary of Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited, Africa’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer and the biggest listed pharmaceutical group in the healthcare sector of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange recently launches “Kwella sa Es-Kwella at Komunidad” last  May 09, at SEDA BGC Hotel.

The project’s objective is to assist more parents, school administrators, teachers, guardians and community staff in propagating proper head hygiene among Filipino families.

Aspen Philippines reaches out to consumers in various touch points to share their products’ offerings by conducting nationwide school, community and industrial tours to create health awareness among Filipinos and their families.

 Aspen’s healthcare programs “ Kwella sa Es-Kwella at Komunidad”  was established in 2013 as a response to the Dept. of Education’s (DepEd) need for information campaign on proper hygiene and treatment for pediculosis (head lice). For the past 4 years, Aspen Philippines has conducted series of educational tours.  In 2017, they have visited 630 schools, participated by about 12,000 students, teachers, school staff and parents.

In 2015, Aspen Philippines was awarded by Aspen Asia the Asia’s Community Involvement Award for our delousing activity of 150 children in Barangay Barangka, Mandaluyong City. Permethrin (Kwell) is the Number One head lice treatment certified by IMS Health.

The above program was institutionalized by Aspen Philippines as a result of the 2012 DepEd & University of the Philippines (UP) statistics which revealed that pediculosis (head lice) is ranked as the 2nd most common ailment among public school children aged 7-12 years old.  Based on DepEd data, almost 9M or 84% of students are afflicted with head lice.

While it seems like a small problem, pediculosis presents a negative impact on children’s self- confidence.  It is one of the causes of absenteeism, loss of concentration, attentiveness and poor academic performance.

That is why it is imperative to treat them right away and make them enjoy school without the worry of lice.

When it comes to lice treatment, there is Permethrin (Kwell) Shampoo, the medicated shampoo for the treatment of head lice and their eggs (kuto at lisa) and prevention for those at risk.

How to use Permethrin (Kwell) Shampoo: 

1.     Wet the Hair
2.     Shake the bottle/open the sachet. Place an ample amount of Permethrin                (Kwell) shampoo and lather it in the hair thoroughly. Make sure that all                 parts of the head, hair and scalp and even the back of the ears and neck               are  treated.

3.      Leave for 10 minutes and wash thoroughly after.
4.      Dry the hair by using a towel.

If other members of the family have lice, treat them as well with Permetrhin (Kwell) to avoid the spread of lice.

Permethrin (Kwell) also is more economical. Use it once to get rid of lice then repeat after 7 days to make sure that no nits have been left and that’s it. No need to do maintenance washes. 

In the Philippines, Aspen Consumer Healthcare’s portfolio includes Permethrin (Kwell) for head lice & scabies; Dequalinium Chloride (Dequadin) for sore throat; Valda Pastilles for soothing & cooling the throat; and Bio-Oil for scar, stretchmark and uneven skin tone.

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