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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

5 key elements to consider before booking your event venue

Planning for your christmas party? Or your company want to host an intimate dinner with your team? Or your daughter is getting married and you want it to be as engrande as possible?

The start of the “ber” months signals the beginning of the countdown to Christmas for Filipinos. Local radios almost automatically start playing Christmas carols and various establishments gear up with yuletide d├ęcor.

From September 1 onwards, festivities are much-anticipated. From reunions, bazaars, office and family Christmas parties, to milestone events like weddings, anniversaries, engagements and birthday parties. Corporate events, product launches and trade fairs are also abound. When you’re an organizer of any of these events, the preparation can get overwhelming. While all the other factors such as food, styling, and entertainment are essentials, the event venue is inarguably on top of the checklist because it influences all other subsequent major decisions. Since the “ber” months have started, major event venues are starting to fill up their calendars. As you scout for the perfect place, here are some key elements to consider before booking your event venue:

Your event venue needs to be conveniently and centrally located to make it easier to find. With the worsening traffic situation everywhere, holding your venue in a tucked away place that requires excessive travel time is not the wisest decision, else your guest attendance and punctuality might suffer. If you’re holding a corporate event with guests coming from different areas, your venue must be accessible enough either by car or public transportation. It will also be a big plus if establishments are within the area so your guests have the option to stay before and after the festivities.

This is an overlooked but extremely important factor. Nowadays, it’s either you risk street parking or find a parking lot in a nearby mall and just walk to your event. So, a party venue with ample parking space is heaven sent. It’s reasonable, saves a lot of time, and lets your guests enjoy the affair more because they won’t have to worry about their vehicles getting towed or the parking lot closing.

It’s almost customary that people invite more than their intended number of guests because of course, there will be a few people who can’t make it for one reason or another. But, what if everyone shows up? Or what if some people bring a plus one but did not declare it prior? There can also be unexpected guests who attend even if they did not RSVP. Aligning these circumstances, number of guests and capacity of the venue lets you have a clearer picture of the size of the space you’ll need. It’s also valuable if the place has an option to expand the space if you need it along the way.

Does your event venue have a kitchen where the caterer can work in? Does it have available rooms that can serve as holding area? Do they provide security and housekeeping personnel? These details are important to note because if your venue has all these available amenities, you can save money and time in hiring another third party supplier for all these aspects.

Negotiating on costs usually isn’t likely especially for huge venues because these are usually fixed. But what you can do to make the most out of your budget is request for perks that most venues are willing to give especially if you’re holding a big event. Can they give you complimentary additional time for ingress/egress on top of your lease? Can they reserve parking slots for guaranteed guests? Negotiating on additional perks lets you save your funds and dedicate more time to planning other aspects of your event.

When you’re an event organizer, there are a thousand things that need to be done that are equally important and keeping in mind the abovementioned factors will help you score the ideal venue like Elements at Eton Centris. It is a spacious event venue centrally located at the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue connected with various public transportation options and ample parking space. It’s conveniently within the Eton Centris complex that has a wide selection of restaurants and shops that make it more viable for guests. It offers fully air-conditioned halls that can accommodate 350 guests in one hall and a maximum of 700 guests for combined halls. It has suite rooms, kitchen and pantry, and even landscaped garden areas. Whether it’s tying the knot, launching a new product, reuniting with family, training managers, gathering brands – whatever the event, Elements can host it.

For inquiries about Elements at Eton Centris, please contact (02) 358-1565 or 0917-599-4329.

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