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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Get enough potassium with Neutra K

My son suffered from difficulty of breathing and muscle pain, 2 years ago. He was admitted to the hospital. After some laboratory workups,  he was diagnosed with Hypokalemia which means the level of potassium is too low. 

He cant walk and cant move his body.  The common signs and symptoms include aside from body weakness is muscle cramps, muscle aches and stiffness, tingles and numbness, heart palpitations, digestive symptoms and mood swings. That's why there is always fruits (bananas)  in the table and he has been taking his medication regularly to keep his potassium normal. 

I just learned lately that there is a potassium food supplement available in the market today. Its actually the first supplement available over the counter. Paracelsius Sciences launches Neutra K last June 26 at El Chante, Kalayaan, Makati. 

Neutra K, the Philippines’ first potassium food supplement with no prescription needed, is formulated to boost overall wellness and help maintain healthy day-to-day productivity. It promotes a healthy balance by letting people have better control of their lives.

Its main component, potassium, the third most abundant mineral in the body, helps reduce blood pressure and water retention, protects against stroke, helps prevent osteoporosis (brittle bones) and kidney stones, reduces stress and anxiety, enhances the nervous system, regulates fluid level, reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes proper food breakdown and body growth.

Potassium (K) is essential for the body’s optimal performance, especially for those who are physically active and who sweat a lot. Out of the seven electrolytes, potassium is the most necessary mineral needed for normal functioning of cells, muscles, and nerves.

Sourced from one of the world’s leading producers of natural ingredients, the potassium that Neutra K uses is non-acidic, without artificial flavors and preservatives and effectively promotes a more regulated acidity in the body to prevent potential ill-effects of prolonged imbalance.

To get enough potassium, you can include in your diet rich sources of the mineral such as beet greens, spinach, kale and salmon. Or take Neutra K tablets twice a day – one during breakfast and another during dinner.

Neutra K comes in a 300 mg potassium FDA approved film-coated tablet. It is available exclusively in all Mercury Drugstore branches nationwide in boxes of 100 or boxes of 12.

Increase your body’s overall wellness and capacity to deal with stress with Neutra K.

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