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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The New Electrolux Ease C4 vacuum cleaner: designed for effortless clean

New features and an ergonomic design make the latest vacuum cleaner from Electrolux your effortless cleaning partner. The Electrolux Ease C4 offers a double cyclone technology, higher capacity and accessories to make cleaning a breeze!

The global pioneer in vacuum cleaners, Swedish brand Electrolux has released a new vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning effortless. Efficient performance, a huge capacity and stylish design combine to make the Electrolux Ease C4 an ideal cleaning partner.   

Coming in a neat denim blue color, the Ease C4 boasts a double step cyclone technology that deals with dust efficiently, separating large particles from fine dust. This means a deeper clean in less time and reduces the need to replace filters so often. It also has adjustable suction power when you’ve moved to finer cleaning like getting rid of dust on shelves, counters, couches and more.

The new Ease C4 comes with more capacity – its dust container can store 1.8 liters so it requires emptying less often. This bagless vacuum cleaner has a single button release feature to carefully dispose your dust easily. 

The Ease C4’s ergonomic design also makes cleaning effortless in other ways. It’s got a rubber grip on the handle making it easier to carry around anywhere and comes with large seamless rotary wheels for better stability and maneuverability around your home. 

The Electrolux Ease C4 comes with a number of brush accessories to suit different cleaning needs. 

This includes a choice of telescopic or non-telescopic nozzle, the upholster nozzle with a lint-catching fabric that captures dust from sofas, chairs, mattresses and soft furnishing and the Combination Crevice with brush with a thin design ideal for cleaning narrow and hard to reach areas.

While brooms and dustpan are the most common cleaning equipment found in most households, a vacuum cleaner makes cleaning much faster and easier as it has longer reach than a broom and a larger capacity container for litter. This makes it more efficient for cleaning multiple rooms at once. The vacuum cleaner also has accessories that allows it to clean upholstery and curtains, making it a very versatile cleaning tool.  

Vacuum cleaners are also more effective in removing dust and allergens. If you have carpeting, kids who are sensitive to dust, have allergies, or if you have pets at home, a vacuum cleaner can be your best friend in removing allergens and stray pet hair. It also has the added bonus of helping to improve the air quality of your home. With its filtration system, it traps dust particles and removes allergens for an improved indoor air quality and allergen-free home. 

A top-notch quality vacuum cleaner like the Electrolux Ease C4 Vacuum Cleaner can transform your space into a clean, inviting, appealing and fresh haven. Check it out in leading appliance centers nationwide. 

For more information on Electrolux and its products, please visit and follow @ElectroluxPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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