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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Get into the groove with Pine-Sol

Do you know that when you're angry and sad. That's the best time to clean your home or condo. It lets you purge your extra emotions by washing the dishes, mop the floor and scrub your toilet till its pristine white. It makes you feel better in the end. I do, its therapeutic for me. It lets the negative emotions and stress go away.

Don’t hold back: put on your plastic gloves, grab your Pine-Sol, and the wire scrubber. Let your negative emotions fuel your actions, by dancing away those uncomfortable feelings for some deep cleaning and therapeutic healing.

Getting a thorough clean is hard work. It’s time consuming and requires a certain level of concentration and skill. This is true of anyone who juggles home land work life whether you’re a working mom, one who stays at home, a dad who helps his wife with the household chores or a single person who owns his or her own condo unit. It’s a dreaded chore, but still needs to be done.

At Pine-Sol, we believe in doing things the right way.  It is not necessarily the easiest or the fastest, and that means doing it “your way”.  Cleaning is cleaning, no matter who you are or what your style is.

The formula is quite simple, actually:
A bucket of Pine-Sol;
a splash of effort;
a few drops of fun; and
mostly a gallon of heart

Cleaning with Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner helps a lot in making cleaning and tidying up more enjoyable. It is effective in cutting through grease, grime, and dirt, while leaving your surfaces germ-free, smelling fresh and fragrant.

Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner can be used to clean hard nonporous surface of the house and workplace—from floor tiles, walls, stovetops, countertops, and glass.

To make your cleaning extra fun, join the PINE-SOL CLEANING DANCE CHALLENGE and get a chance to win exciting prizes! The Pine-Sol Cleaning Dance Challenge from the US is now in the Philippines and we want to see those awesome cleaning moves.

To submit your entry:

1. Go to Pine-Sol Dance Challenge page
2. Verify your e-mail and submit your entry on the website. Your Pine-Sol dance photo should showcase cleaning any part of your home with any Pine-Sol variant and is subject
3. Upload your entry on Facebook upon receiving validation and add the official contest hashtags #PineSol and #MyCleanMovesPH. Make sure your post is in public setting.

Exciting prizes await the winners; a BOSE Bluetooth Bucket Speaker, BOSE Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers, and BOSE Wireless Earphones. The 10 most liked and shared posts will also receive 3-month Spotify subscription each.

Contest runs from June 5 to 30, 2019 and winners will be announced on July 12, 2019. To know more about Pine-Sol, you can visit their official Facebook page For the full mechanics of the Pine-Sol Dance Challenge, go to

Pine-Sol is available in leading supermarkets and retailers nationwide. It comes in longer-lasting scents - Original Pine, Lavender Clean, Lemon Fresh, and Sparkling Wave.

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