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Friday, June 14, 2019

The Ultimate Guide for your Father's Day Treats

Whether he’s dad, tatay, papa, or itay to you, many fathers share one thing in common—a love expressed in actions more than in words. Since most dads are not very vocal with their feelings, it's also a challenge to find ways to show them in turn how much you appreciate their love and care.  

This Father’s Day, here are simple ways to express gratitude and show how much you appreciate dad’s unique kind of love with the help of PayMaya.  

1.  Give him a week’s worth of hassle-free rides  

The daily commute to work can be very tiring, especially for dads who have been doing it for more years than you can count. Spare him this weekday struggle by giving him hassle-free rides to and from work for a week. 

You can do this by directly purchasing Grab vouchers through the PayMaya Shop. All you have to do is log into  your PayMaya app, go to the Shop tab, choose between the GrabCar P100 or P200 e-voucher, and send it to your dad using your preferred messaging app.   

2. Send him some "allowance" for a special gift 

Remember all those times your dad secretly gave you some extra baon when your mom wouldn’t budge? Now is your time to give back! Send dad some "allowance" and let him splurge on himself for a change!  

Make him feel loved 3,000 times over by sending him at least P3,000 using your PayMaya. All that’s left to do is to include a note saying "I love you 3,000"—your dad’s inner Avengers fanboy will surely melt at that! 

Do this from June 14 until June 30, 2019 and you’ll get a one-time reward of P150. See? Showing dad some love has its extra perks, too!  

3.  Get him a much-needed shopping spree  

A lot of dads get the "kuripot" tag, probably because they refuse to get rid of a worn-out belt or a shirt they've had since a decade ago. Father’s Day is a great excuse to treat your dad to a shopping spree and give him a much-needed wardrobe makeover!  

Use your PayMaya physical card or #ScanToPay using PayMaya QR when you purchase items in department stores like Robinsons Department Store or The SM Store. You can also shop online and buy wardrobe must-haves on Zalora or Lazada. 

Get more bang for your buck when you use your PayMaya! Spend an accumulated P3,000 using your PayMaya physical card or virtual card from June 12 until June 18, 2019, and you’ll get a P300 cashback. (Then get yourself a little something, too!) 


4.  Treat him (and the whole fam) to a delicious Father’s Day meal  

Sharing a meal with the whole family is already a gift in itself. So make sure that you and your siblings take time off work for a delicious dinner with your dad this Father’s Day.  

Enjoy a hearty buffet meal in PayMaya partner merchants like Niu by Vikings, and #ScanToPay for your meal to get up to 100% cashback!  

You can also send dad something extra to enjoy at home by purchasing a food voucher from PayMaya Treats found inside the PayMaya Shop which your dad and the rest of your family can redeem at any participating branch nationwide. 

Know where you can make the most out of your money and find the full list of PayMaya’s partner merchants by visiting  

5. Take care of this month’s bills 

Fathers take pride in being the provider for the family but helping him out once in a while will definitely put a smile on his face. Surprise your dad by paying for all your bills this month. 

Take care of your bills in the most convenient way possible when you use your PayMaya app. You can do it in the comforts of your own home or your office, and even get up to P500 cashback when you pay for two or more bills, worth at least P1,000 each.  

With most dads, it’s true that there’s no need for extravagance. They’ll surely appreciate the gesture no matter how simple it is. So while you honor your dad this Father’s Day with a meaningful celebration, let PayMaya give you rewards and discounts as well (just because you're awesome!). 

To know more about PayMaya’s latest deals and discounts, visit 

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