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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

5 Easy Ways to Beat Airport Inconveniences

AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance providers, shares tips to make traveling by air smoother and hassle-free.

Pack strategically. Travel light as much as possible. Bring only essential items or those you really need. Use travel organizers to separate your things so you do not have to rummage through your luggage or take everything out to find what you need. Buy items in travel sizes allowed by authorities. Find out what you are not allowed to put in your checked-in and/or cabin luggage. Make sure your stuff does not exceed weight limits to avoid paying for excess baggage.

Get to the airport early. Holidays are peak travel seasons and traffic in many major urban centers, particularly Metro Manila, can turn a 15-minute trip into at least an hour-long ride. Try to get to the airport at least three hours before your flight so you will have enough time for check-in and security screening. You can have a more relaxing time waiting for your flight to be called when you’re reading, eating, or shopping. 

Keep your phone charged. Have your mobile phone fully charged. Things may not go as planned. You may have to call for information or help. On long flights, keep a charger or powerbank handy so you will have a working phone when you reach your destination. When going abroad, it may be better to buy a new SIM card in the destination country for easier, better and cheaper communication. Before leaving, find out if there are Wi-Fi devices you can rent. Rates may be more affordable and charges may be based on the actual number of days you will be staying in a particular country. The devices can be easily reserved in advance online. They will give you Internet access wherever you go. 

Bring something to keep your kids busy. Travelling with children can be difficult, especially when they start wailing as they start to get bored inside the plane. To spare yourself the stress, bring something that will keep your child entertained throughout the flight. Download their favorite movies or television shows, pack their favorite toys, and bring some snacks. If it is a long flight, bring comfortable pillows and blankets. Give disposable earplugs to nearby passengers if you are travelling with a baby.

Get travel insurance. Some of the worst things that can happen when you travel are accidents, medical emergencies, missed flights, and lost baggage and mix-ups. These events can be a real bummer when travelling. Ensure a stress-free vacation with AXA Smart Traveller.

AXA Smart Traveller comes with a wide range of benefits, including 24-hour travel assistance, protection of personal belongings, and refunds for travel inconveniences. You can choose from the Essential, Classic, or Elite Plan. The Classic and Elite Plans are compliant with the Schengen VISA requirement, with the latter offering the highest coverage available. You can also choose a plan for a single trip for up to 10 adults and 10 children travelling together to and from the same destination within the same travel period. There is also the annual plan for an individual or group for frequent flyers.

With the help of AXA Smart Traveller, you can have a stress-free time at the airport for a more fun experience going to your travel destination. To buy your AXA Smart Traveller online, visit

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