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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

PLDT Home introduces its first ever Super Speed Deals Promo

The country’s fastest fixed network and leading digital services provider, PLDT Home, introduces its first ever Super Speed Deals Promo that gives subscribers a fast and convenient way to upgrade their internet plans for as low as Php 99 until January 31, 2021.


As a lot of daily activities are now shifting to the home, internet usage continues to increase among households. PLDT Home continues to pave the way for faster and stronger internet connectivity by providing solutions that caters to the digital needs and activities of each family member at home – whether for home-based online learning, digital selling for micro and small entrepreneurs, work-from-home employees, and of course, family entertainment. 

With the PLDT Home Super Speed Deals Promo, existing PLDT Home Fibr subscribers can now upgrade their internet plans to the next higher plan and enjoy up to 300 Mbps faster internet speeds at home at a discounted price. 


PLDT Home Fibr 1699 and 1899 subscribers need only to add Php 99 on their monthly subscription fees to upgrade to the next higher plan, which gives them up to an additional 50 Mbps. Subscribers of Fibr Plans 2099, 2299, and 2399 can just top up with Php 149 to enjoy a speedboost of up to 100 Mbps. Customers of Fibr Plans 2899, 3099, and 3299 can likewise add only Php 199 to get a speedboost of up to 150 Mbps. And finally, subscribers of Fibr Plans 4099 and 4299 can enjoy up to 300 Mbps speeds by just adding Php 249 on their monthly subscription package.


With the Super Speed Deals promo, PLDT Home gives subscribers the added convenience of upgrading their internet speeds by simply dialing 170 for PLDT, Smart and Sun or (02) 80000170 for other network (toll charges apply). Upon or before expiration of the promo subscription, PLDT Home customers may also opt out of their current availment within the promo period and their internet plan will automatically switch back to the speeds of their original subscribed plan.  


For more information about the Super Speed Deals promo, visit



  1. Wow naman 😍
    So happy to know this. 😊
    Lalo na ngayon in demand talaga ang internet.
    Thankyou PLDT Home ❤️

  2. Nice naman po maS pinabilis ng internet ng Pldt

  3. Ay wow mas pinabilis pa ni PLDT ang internet connection nya bongga

  4. ganda naman po nitong bagong promo nila iba tlaga ang PLDT magmahal sating lahat 😍

  5. Wow ang galing ni PLDT,good news ito para sa tulad kung mahilig mag Abad sa social media


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