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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Tagaytay Highlands holds its ground as a safe residential haven in the mountains

With the way things are going nowadays, especially in these difficult times. Everyone is thinking of moving in to a nearby provinces and Tagaytay is considered one of the safest places to live outside Metro Manila. 

As Tagaytay Highlands holds its ground as a safe residential haven in the mountains, it has taken new stock of its impact on the environment, ensuring lockdown-weary affluent folks of its proven viability as an alternative primary home.

Use of environmentally friendly vehicles, reforestation, and propagation initiatives are just a few measures which Tagaytay Highlands continues to undertake to be able to maintain good air quality in the complex. 


In support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Tagaytay Highlands places social and environmental considerations at the heart of its products and services, introducing environmentally sound innovations to protect and nurture its communities.


From simple practices such as looking into species of grass that are most compatible with the weather to efficient use of water resources to efforts at inclusiveness such as installation of ramps and special entrances for persons with disabilities, Tagaytay Highlands takes its role as custodian of the estate very seriously.


For a decade now, Tagaytay Highlands has been holding its “One Tree At A Time” activity with the goal of planting one million trees in its premises by 2044.


To manage its carbon footprint, Tagaytay Highlands regularly monitors its resource consumption and waste generation. As the company pursues its master development plan, it mindfully designs structures for environmental responsibility. 


A pioneer in sustainable golf, Tagaytay Highlands International Golf Course makes use of Zoysia Grass in some of its greens and fairways. For Tagaytay Midlands Golf Course, Tifdwarf Grass is used. These species of grass are durable and require reduced water consumption, resulting in lower maintenance costs. 

Waste management systems in the complex also ensure that residual waste is properly segregated and handled by an accredited third-party collector. Whenever possible, waste is diverted away from the landfill through composting and recycling programs. 



Soon, single-use plastics will no longer be part of Tagaytay Highlands, as the company has started encouraging members and guests to use refillable glass bottles, instead of disposable water bottles. Old air-conditioning units have been replaced by more efficient inverter-type models. Tagaytay Highlands also operates an electricity-run cable car and funicular train as eco-friendly alternative modes of transportation. 


Apart from these, Tagaytay Highlands exerts effort at preventing depletion of its water resources. It complies with environmental regulations as it manages its water system. The company also conducts periodic preventive maintenance to keep its wells and attendant pipes clean and fully functional. Opportunities to recycle water are seized through rainwater harvesting systems within the estate. On top of all these, water levels are routinely monitored to employ best practices in optimizing water use at the golf course and common areas. 



Given the possible impact of Taal Volcano, Tagaytay Highlands constantly monitors volcanic activity and evaluates risks resulting not just from eruptions but also from landslides, biodiversity threats, and natural environment phenomena that may negatively impact its communities. 


On socio-economic development, Tagaytay Highlands provides jobs and skills development opportunities by hiring most of its employees from surrounding local communities. It also partners with Filipino concessionaires to meet the food requirements of its patrons. At Pick and Pay, Tagaytay Highlands’ organic farm, local farmers in the area tend to its variety of organic fruits and vegetables. They are harvested as a resource for local food for its residents and Club members and as ingredients for some of Tagaytay Highlands’ food and beverage outlets.


Tagaytay Highlands builds self-sufficient host communities in its home province of Batangas. The company helps close the gap in basic social services by providing these host communities with better access to public education, health services, and farming livelihood programs. In one host community, the company has installed a water pump and conducted drinking water testing that benefited over 250 households.


In its own themed communities, Tagaytay Highlands dedicates 40 percent of developable land to common areas. This means the ground cover consists of native and low-maintenance plants and trees that protect and promote biodiversity. 


Tagaytay Highlands’ communities also have wellness and accessibility facilities such as jogging and walking paths, access ramps for the differently abled, and parks and children’s play areas made from upcycled materials. 


Sustainability has remained at the core of Tagaytay Highlands’ vision, knowing how vital it is for institutions to nurture and preserve what we have for future generations.


Finally, the development strictly adheres to sanitation procedures and safety protocols to protect its homeowners, members, and guests. Its property management has likewise proven to be highly reliable in delivering quick-crisis responses during adverse natural events. 




  1. Same here momsh. Nakakamiss ang Tagaytay. 😊
    Last na punta ko ata dyan bata pa ako.😅
    Gusto ko na bumalik dyan at tumanaw ng magagandang tanawin habang ine-enjoy ang malamig na klima with the family 😊

  2. Ang ganda ng Tagaytay dapat talaga ma preserve ang nature,dapat mapangalagaan

  3. perfect place 😍 nakaka relax po jan sobrang ganda po sa tagaytay, sarap magbakasyon jan ☺

  4. one of my dream destinations, dati pa 😍 daming magagandang lugar jan na gusto q dn mapuntahan ☺

  5. Ang ganda nmn Jan sa Tagaytay 😍😍😍

  6. Ang ganda po dito sarap mag bakasyon po.. kaka relax po mag bakasyon dito.

  7. Wow ganda naman ng tagaytay at super fresh ng hangin pati na mga tanip nila ang gaganda lahat sarap staycation dito

  8. If I am a wealthy person bibili talga ko ng property sa tagaytay parang perfect place to unwind e.

  9. Saya naman na memaintain Ang ganda ng tagaytay ❤️❤️❤️




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