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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

R&B Tea is now ready to Share a Cup-Of-Happiness via Drive-thru in Retiro

When you’ve got a blog name like mine--LemonGreenTea, people immediately assume that you love tea--and they’d be right of course.


But what most people (including my friends) often get wrong is that I don’t just drink “milk tea,” and often prefer brewed teas most of the time. 


I’ve given up soda and fruit juices for years and switched into brewed teas when I want my drink cold. I’m not particular about the brand as long as its not sweet and I could still taste the tea leaves--I’m hooked. 

And when I do order my teas, I always request zero sugar, because the boba or pearls are sweet enough to add to the flavor of oolong, black or green tea. The sweetness of the  pearls somehow balances out the bitterness of the tea leaves and it gives that flowery taste--that  perfect tea blend which I love.  


But I’d be lying if I say I don’t give in to my milk tea cravings once in a while, just to see why people are going crazy about cream cheese, boba pearls or any sinkers or any new blend for that matter. 


I think I’ve have tried all milk tea stores here in Manila and their best-selling flavors, and as I often share on my posts, there was a day that I drank 5 kinds of teas when we were in Taiwan. 

I also remember that one time in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Mall, and I saw this shop called R&B Milk Tea House. I’ve heard of it before and I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to try it.  I ordered their bestseller Milk tea with brown sugar pearls and cheese brulee.  I loved that their boba pearls are bouncy, soft and chewy, and its texture complimented the milk tea brulee. Surprisingly, its wasn’t that sweet and I finished my drink without even noticing it. 

So imagine my excitement when I heard that R&B Milk Tea was already in Manila, and was opening their first drive-through store in Retiro beside Shakeys Restaurant. This is good news to all Milk Tea lovers from Manila who are craving for milktea but don’t want to line up instore 

One of Singapore’s leading Milk Tea brands has finally arrived in the Philippines - R&B Milk Tea! R&B stands for the initials of Rex and Bruce, who created the brand while working in China.

There are more than 1,000 R&B stores across the world with presence in US, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

As a newly acquired brand under the Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. including Shakey’s and Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken & Sauce Bar, R&B Tea Philippines has a strong bias for quality products coupled with its Wowing service culture in a clean, fun and comfortable environment.

R&B is a Tea concept that aims to redefine the tea experience today, with fresh fruits and all natural components, the tea-base concoctions ranging from macchiato tea capped with cheese cream to signature Brown Sugar Boba series.

R&B places great emphasis on the origins of the tea leaves and delicate preparations to ensure the perfect tea blend. Extending the complete product line up from of R&B from its mother brand in R&B Singapore to the Philippine Milk Tea fans, guest may pick and sip from the six (6) R&B Tea menu categories namely: Milk Tea Series, Fresh Milk Series, Macchiato Series, Coffee Series, Brewed Tea Series and the refreshing Fruit Tea Series.

R&B Tea Retiro is located in 155 APO Street Corner N5 Amoranto Sr. Ave. Quezon City Philippines, please visit the store and order via dine-in and carryout. Taking the leadership in the service innovation, R&B Retiro also take its claim as the 1st Milk Tea store with Drive Thru service in the country today

You can also order R&B Tea thru, Grab Food, Food Panda and Pickaroo.

R&B is now ready to Share a Cup-Of-Happiness to everyone. 


  1. Would love to try it! So many cool flavors!

  2. Wow this is great news , refreshing drinks and ang daming choices ng flavors . Hassle-free na dahil my drive thru na . ❤️

  3. Thus is tea is all about! Share a cup of happiness! It's here in our country! It's bring joy to us in a beautiful way

  4. Such an Excitement experience, must try this Cup of Happiness 😊🤤 looks so Refreshing, and really worth the Price

  5. Wow so exciting. How comfortable and convinient po. This os really great news.


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