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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Starbucks uplifts customers with the Starbucks Traditions Promotion for the Holidays

Its the most wonderful time of the year as Starbucks is back for their holiday tradition. December is not complete without our favorite Starbucks planner!

This holiday season, Starbucks uplifts customers with the Starbucks Traditions Promotion. From November 2 to January 3, customers will earn a sticker for every purchase of a Tall, Grande, or Venti handcrafted beverage. An exclusive Starbucks Traditions merchandise may be redeemed every eighteen (18) stickers collected.

While staying true to a tradition of almost two decades, this year debuts a never-before-seen collection and new ways to join.

The 2022 Starbucks Traditions Planner comes with a matching Organizer. Perfect to pen unplanned wins and pleasant surprises, this year’s edition comes with an intricate yet subtle embossed Siren and scale design. The organizer consists of built-in pockets to keep a pen, Starbucks Cards, and other essentials in one place.

Inside the planner, there are 12 exclusive monthly artworks featuring Starbucks’ commitment to coffee heritage, partners (employees), communities and customers it serves, and our planet.

New this year with the same modern monochromatic design of the Planner with Organizer, the 2022 Starbucks Traditions Mug and Tumbler with Pouch is an unexpected but welcome addition to the Starbucks Traditions collection. The sets highlight what Starbucks does best: coffee. Each set includes a sleek stainless steel matte black 12oz tumbler or a classic pristine white 12oz ceramic mug, both paired with a pouch customer can carry all day.

New ways to join

For the first time, customers can now collect stickers digitally in two ways: (1) get the new QR promo card in stores and collect a digital sticker every handcrafted beverage in store, or (2) use the Starbucks app by opting in to collecting e-Stickers every handcrafted beverage purchased using a registered Starbucks Card.

Starbucks has also made it easier to earn stickers from the comfort of home. Customers can now earn digital stickers through their favorite delivery app. Every purchase of four (4) eligible handcrafted beverages on GrabFood or food panda will be issued a QR promo card loaded with its corresponding digital stickers.

Moments of Unplanned Joy

Starbucks released a series of videos celebrating little sparks of merry in our day-to-day lives. Whether it’s achieving fitness goals, getting pets to learn new tricks, or turning a small setback into a moment of opportunity, the 2022 Starbucks Traditions Promotion is our companion in finding the star of every day.

“Our customers are creating new memories in different ways, and we wanted to celebrate the joy of experiencing unexpected moments of merry in our holiday campaign.” says Jamie Silva, Senior Marketing Manager of Starbucks Philippines. Watch the series below:

2022 Starbucks Traditions | An Unexpected Jump - Facebook

2022 Starbucks Traditions | A Furry Surprise - Facebook

2022 Starbucks Traditions | Art in the Unexpected - Facebook

“Our Starbucks Traditions Promotion has always stayed true to spreading the message of hope and happiness through the years. We continue to carry on our tradition and look forward to 2022 with optimism, while living in the moment of our unplanned joys.”tmobi


Collect stickers starting on November 2, 2021 in all Starbucks stores nationwide. To have a closer look of the 2022 Starbucks Traditions and for the full mechanics, visit 


  1. It's really amazing and beautiful. Want to have it too .
    So good and traditionally associated with the whole year ahead

  2. Wow thank you for sharing this , ganda ng 2022 Traditions Planner ng starbucks ❤️

  3. Sonrang ganda ng mga Design and stylez and Really super Nice amd Impressive Planner, must Have this Indeed ..

  4. Oh wow great planner how i wish to try this too.
    Truly amazing and loved the design.đŸ„°


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