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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Shoot your vlogs, TikTok videos, in crisp-clear quality with vivo's V23 Series


It equips a 50-MP Autofocus Front Camera, plus an 8-MP Super Wide-Angle Camera, a 64-MP Rear Camera, and a high-sensitivity sensor

 While millennials are known to be the “digital natives”, Gen Zs are known to be the “digital junkies”. This group of young people has grown to be fully exposed to the digital world. So, if they are to make their own smartphone purchases, no doubt that their decision-making factors will be coming from the perspective of a knowledgeable smartphone user.


More than that, Gen Zs are always in a search for “the next big thing” — the latest styles, the hottest trends, and the newest device that will keep up with their demands in the day to day. So, as a renowned pioneer and innovator in the tech market, global brand vivo brings a new game-changer to town. It incites hopes for the tech market with the V23 series — a stylish and powerful line of smartphones designed to make the younger market express their hues. 


The soon-to-be-released vivo flagship smartphone is rumored to be a vlogging smartphone equipped with a 50-MP Autofocus Front Vlog Camera, an 8-MP Super Wide-Angle Camera, a 64-MP Triple Rear Camera, and a custom JNV sensor that captures light at a higher speed.


The 50-MP front camera allows users to capture well-lit selfies and videos. Meanwhile, its 8-MP super wide-angle camera feature makes room for more people to fit into group shots, with the photos at great lighting even in the dark. The 64-MP rear camera, on the other hand, brings in a smarter way to take HD portraits and videos. Its AI reads key details in a subject’s face and automatically highlights their best features. 


With all these elements built in the vivo V23 Series, users can expect to showcase their lives in better view. However, tech giant vivo does not only stop at camera features. Aside from allowing people to share and remember their stories in vivid clarity, it also backs it up with strong memory and battery features that are made to perform. The vivo V23 has a 12GB + 256GB RAM, supported with a 4GB ROM. This means that when the smartphone is busy, the technology in it “borrows'' an extra 4GB memory to process the data so users can run multiple apps smoothly.


The vivo V23 also has a 44W Fast Charge feature and a 6nm Flagship Chip that allows for lower power consumption. With this, users can have their smartphone up and running the whole day with just a single full charge.


The vivo V23 series takes in two models: the V23e and the V23 5G. Their bodies are 7.55mm thin, made with AG Fluorite Glass and coated with a special aluminum that is beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold.


Make the newest flagship device, vivo V23 series your next vlogging smartphone. Tune in to the release date and the latest announcements at vivo Philippines’ official websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram channels.


  1. Hala omg wow my bago na nman ang vivo . 😍 The best tlga ang mga vivo phones ganda ng specs at quality . Kaya i always choose vivo tlga 😍❤️

  2. Love the camera, memory and battery features of this Vivo series!! Sure hit for Gen Zs!!

  3. Thats good quality such a great phone ! Super love this!

  4. Ganda phone nito super excited for this sure na good quality din ❤️


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