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Friday, January 28, 2022

Take charge of your own destiny and learn the traits of the Water Tiger in order to become more financially savvy in 2022

In a few days, we'll be celebrating Lunar New Year and ushering in the Year of the Water Tiger. Depending on the representative Chinese zodiac and element, it is said to impact one's luck and chances to become successful. Take charge of your own destiny and learn the traits of the Water Tiger in order to become more financially savvy and prosperous in 2022.


Here are some financial tips to keep in mind this Lunar Year:

Don’t be afraid to be experimental and adventurous.

Water Tigers tend to be very open to new ideas. If you're feeling stuck in an area of your life, this is the year to change things up. You can start small, such as listening to music genres that aren't on your typical playlist, enrolling in a new hobby class, or taking on a new project at work. Soon you’ll find that you’re more courageous as you make bigger life decisions. 


When it comes to finances, being receptive to non-traditional ways can help you become more prosperous and independent. E-wallets are a game changer in the financial world. This year, introduce yourself to ShopeePay, Shopee’s all-in-one e-wallet that enables you to buy load, pay bills, send money, and scan to pay at thousands of merchants nationwide. It only takes a few steps to enroll. Activate your ShopeePay account here

Adaptability is key.

Water Tigers can quickly shift to improve their circumstances, making them ideal role models during a time of unprecedented changes. For businesses to continue thriving, entrepreneurs need to be more creative and strategic when it comes to running their operations. If you own a physical store, join ShopeePay’s growing list of Offline Partner Merchant’s for safe and convenient cashless transactions. ShopeePay’s Scan-To-Pay feature enables secure and real-time payments for your goods and services in-store via QR code. Enjoy the many benefits of ShopeePay by signing up to be a ShopeePay Partner Merchant. For those running an online business, chances are fund transfers are your primary means to get payments. Encourage your customers to transact using ShopeePay as it offers free and real time money transfers to any Shopee user or bank account.


Resourcefulness can help you go a long way.

Being resourceful like a Water Tiger means you're able to find solutions to deal with problems or search for more efficient ways to perform a task. It’s actually one of the best traits to imbibe when it comes to money matters. Any good financial decision maker would weigh options and search ways to spend wisely and save more. Start by exploring your e-wallet’s features and keeping tabs on scheduled promos and ongoing deals. 


Making sound financial decisions also means setting a budget and tracking expenses. With ShopeePay, you get access to exclusive promos and deals to help you stick to your budget. If you need to transfer money; whether it be to your family and friends, or to your own bank account, you can do so without the added transaction fees throughShopeePay’s free transfers feature. From January 26 to February 3, send personalised Angpaos and stand a chance to win   up to 220,000 when you send at least 1 to any Shopee user with ShopeePay. You can even get the chance to win an additional 88 via ShopeePay when you cash in for free with your linked BPI Online Account. Finally, schedule your shopping and bills payments on January 30 in time for ShopeePay Day - where you can get up to 50% cashback on bills, discounts on load, and discounts on groceries and essentials with ShopeePay 1 Deals. 


Those of the Tiger zodiac portray courage and leadership. They're determined to do anything to achieve their goal. 2022 is all about taking those traits and channeling them into opportunities to be more successful. After all, Water Tigers are action-based people who value hard work and don’t hesitate to make things happen. 


  1. If you're feeling stuck in an area of your life, this is the year to change things up. 😍

  2. Yehey! Thats good to know so bless po talaga ito,! One of pampaswerte

  3. Thanks for this talagang very helpful po ito ❤️


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