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Friday, February 4, 2022

Celebrity couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez enjoy celebrating their accomplishments with Swiss Miss

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has been a challenge for a lot of people. Keeping up with responsibilities can be stressful and draining so, it’s important to reward oneself with valuable “me-time” moments from time to time. 


Celebrity couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez can attest to this. Since the lockdown started, they’ve been creating content for their YouTube channel and podcast #BehindRelationshipGoals. Balancing work and their personal lives was not an easy task, but they make sure they find time to enjoy things they love. 

Spice up your favorite oatmeal snack with Swiss Miss Hazelnut. 

“We look forward to any chance we get to enjoy the company of one another and [our dog] Soba, even if we only get a couple of hours or minutes of free time to do so. We’re even more appreciative of these moments.” Mikael said.


“Before, we really pushed ourselves to work until madaling araw. But we realized that we need to put a limit and that we have to find time to reward ourselves also,” Megan added. 


Though they’re limited to staying at home, Mikael and Megan still find ways to reward themselves through simple yet satisfying activities.

Celebrity couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez enjoy celebrating their accomplishments with Swiss Miss. 

Take a breather 

Being able to take a few moments to appreciate free time after accomplishing so much can feel rewarding. Find a comfortable spot and try to sit back for a few minutes to help clear the mind before jumping into the next task. Performing a simple self-care routine afterwards can be invigorating.


Play video games 

One of the things Megan and Mikael enjoy is their shared love for playing video games. Immersing oneself in a virtual world is easily rewarding after spending long hours of work.   


TV and movie marathon 

One of the best ways to chill after a busy day – a marathon of TV shows and movies while in pajamas and with a cozy cup of hot chocolate. Swiss Miss is one of the celebrity couple’s must-haves when they go on a binge-watching spree. “For the anime lovers out there, we’ve been watching Hunter x Hunter and Demon Slayer. And then, for video game lovers, we watched Witcher. From time to time, there’s the occasional K-Drama or Korean movie that’s nice to watch,” Mikael shared.  

Experiment in the kitchen 

Rewarding oneself can be as simple as satisfying cravings, preparing a tasty treat or cooking a favorite dish. For Megan and Mikael, experimenting with Swiss Miss’ various flavors to create delicious snacks and drinks turned out to be a memorable experience. Megan’s favorite was adding Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut to oatmeal. “Swiss Miss really oomph’d up the flavor and the oatmeal experience,” she said. 


Meanwhile, Mikael added cinnamon, cream, and rock salt to his Swiss Miss drink. “It did add a lot of nuance to the Swiss Miss experience and I was happily surprised,” he said. “We’re not cooks or chefs, so any wins in the kitchen is something we’ll take.”  


Check out the recipes they made with Swiss Miss here and enjoy a rewarding treat.  


Spend time with loved ones 

Celebrating wins and accomplishments is more rewarding when shared with the family and loved ones. There’s a blissful satisfaction in spending free time and catching up with family and friends whether in person or virtually.  


The new year is an ideal time to grow in one’s personal and professional lives. Megan and Mikael – as individuals and as a couple – plan on taking their content creation to another level. “Definitely 2022 is another year for learning and taking it to a different scale,” Megan said. Mikael also added, “I mean we already started the content production arm of Bonez and Fofo so we might as well go with it 100% and try everything out.” 


Of course, they won’t forget about taking a break rewarding themselves for their small and big wins.


Just like the celebrity couple, one can celebrate wins with a sweet reward like Swiss Miss. This chocolate drink comes in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Marshmallow and Hazelnut flavors. 


Enjoy Swiss Miss by itself or with the delicious recipes from Swiss Miss Philippine’s Facebook page. Get Swiss Miss from the nearest supermarkets or by shopping online 



  1. Great tips! Love swiss miss too! Part of our breakfast!!

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  3. Very recommended talaga ang swiss miss perfect for breakfast and sure na masarap 😍

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    Swissmiss is one of the best and trusted brand that's good and surely satisfying.


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